Stuffed bell pepper soup (in Dutch oven)

I never used a Dutch oven before so last weekend I found a recipe so that I could. I'm a fan of stuffed peppers but my Mom isn't - but she tried my soup and fell in love, so if that tells you anything...THIS SOUP IS GOOD! You don't have to use a Dutch oven but I wanted to.?

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For or anybody who wants the recipe:?

I used an ENTIRE pack of ready rice.


That looks yummy. Speaking of, I made a whole batch of oxtail stew last mont that I haven't been able to eat because I don't have rice lol. I should probably get some though

I've never tried that! What's in it?
And yes! I made it Friday again and my Dad made me write down the recipe for when he cooks for his brothers/friends. 😎

Oxtails, beef broth, a chopped onion, burgundy and sherry wine, potatoes, mixed veggies (this time I just used fresh carrots, peas and corn), I also made a tomato sauce from scratch (turned into some salsa looking mess, but it was going in the stew so it was okay) salt and pepper, fresh basil and oregano. I typed down the whole process in a much older thread, but this time I used a slow cooker (I share a kitchen with the people on my floor, so letting a stew on the stove for hours is not ideal.)

Wow, that sound like my kinda meal!!! 😍😍

Oh man, it was tasty! The day it was finally done (had to let it sit on the warm setting overnight after cooking it for 10 hours. Man was it stubborn) was also the day my guy got back from his trip, and wanted to visit me, so we had that for dinner (and he bought rice.) The next day he kept looking and poking at the crock pot, so I sent him to work with a tupperware of it. I still have a huge bowl of it in my freezer; I should thaw it and eat it already, before the days get too warm for it.

Yes, you should! 😛
​Do you have the link to the older topic you were talking about with the recipe? If not, that's okay. I can search for it after I get off of work.

Here you go!

I should also point out that I live in Europe now, so I had to make some changes with the instructions/ingredients in order to make it work. For example, I added an extra step to fry the oxtails before boiling them. I also realized that French potatoes are more tender than American ones, but thankfully they didn't get too soggy that they crumbled into the soup lol.

You're awesome!?
Thank you! I'm always looking for new things to make. 😋


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