Who else eats fast food?

Yeah...I'm a pretty big fiend when it comes to fast food. Horrible, I know. Anyone else like me? 

I'm a vegetarian so the only fast food I eat is chips/fries 😍. And I'd eat them all the time if I could 😋


I used to be big on junk food (as we call it here), but not so much anymore.

I kind of wish I could say the same. It's completely unhealthy but I eat fast food at least 1-2 times a week.?

We usually have it once every two weeks .......either fish and chips or hamburgers

once or twice a week tbh. mcdonalds, arbys, subway, wendys.... im not picky lol

Me either. 😊 I've already had McD's and Taco Bell this week. I'm up at night time with no access to the kitchen so fast food is my staple.

I love fast food! :)

I seldom have it but I do like Carl's Jr. :)

No food is just automatically "horrible" or "unhealthy", chill. I would go out to eat at least once a week if I had enough money, yum!

Hey, have any of you tried the CBO at McDonald's? Chicken, bacon and crispy onion with the perfect amount of mayo, oh dear God. Usually I find McD's burgers dry, they never put any sauce on the other bun WTF? But as I saw the description I had to try it, since I love chicken and that kind of specials are more rare than regular burgers, plus, who doesn't like bacon? I wish they'd sell that always!

It is when you eat it in excess like me. 😋

Every once in a while, i'll get fast food. :3 I enjoy the spicy chickens from carl's jr or the french fries from Mc D's.

Ohh yes! I'm a big fry fan! Arby's curly fries are da bomb!

Sadly, there is no arby's around my area. T^T

We have no Carl's Jr either. 😟 My town stinks.

Eh my town stinks. :/ we don't have a lot of fast food restaurants around here. But homemade fries are the best!! <3

I've never made fries but you're putting ideas in my mind!

You should make them!! :D I still have a couple potatoes left I could use to make more homemade fries >.< You can try? ;3

I love fast food too :)

It's making me fat, lol. 😞

I do love fast food! 🍔🍟 but sadly my mom doesn't like it a lo so we don't have often 😞 but often enough to make this girl happy 😁

We have a KFC and also a Chinese every so often (I like curry)?

I get fast food chicken nuggets sometimes. Also, people make fun of me for this but every now and then I am in the mood for McDonalds and I get a Happy Meal or Mighty Kids Meal depending how hungry I am lol. I am 19 so it makes me look like a dork!! I save the toys to give away later.

i had chic-fil-a for the first time this year and i love it.

Me. I love fast food.?

sure I love fast ?food, moreover I don't gain weight :P


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