Help me make money

I have started baking among other things to raise money for a compound bow, some arrows and targets, because I want to shoot stuff but I can't get a gun. 😁
I'm just jocking its for my new hobby archery. 😂 So anyway I need help with some easy inexpensive but delicious recipes to add to the ones I have. So if you care to help please share a cookie recipe, muffin recipe or something.

Chocolate chip cookies- I have a really good recipie that makes a massive batch and its cheap as well, I will hopefully find the recipie later and either post here or message you; banana cake, banana loaf, ginger loaf, fruit loaves, mini cupcakes, cake pops, savoury muffins, pickles, jams, fudge< cheap and easy to do and always sells fast at our GB fundraisers for overseas missions; toffee apples, sherbet, etc.:) 

Thank you, that is a kind gesture,
hope those recipes are eqaully as sweet as it.
I especially like what you said about them, "Cheap, easy and they sell fast."
And besides who doesn't like the words:  They sell fast.
 thanx again, and I guess I'll wait for them.


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