Easy pork or rice/veggie recipes?

I make most of my own meals from day to day. But I'm not a great cook. I can make some things passably, but I've never cooked anything I would call amazing. My diet doesn't change much from day to day. Occasional light pasta dishes, lots of salads, brown rice and steamed veggies, the occasional bit of grilling burgers when my dad doesn't feel like making dinner, and lots of fruit.

But I would LOVE to shake up my diet. Does anyone know any tasty (and easy) pork or rice/veggie recipes? I could do chicken too, but I'm usually paranoid about undercooking chicken so I tend to overcook it a LOT. I have terrible luck trying to find recipes on food network's site or on all recipes. They always sound so complex and take tons of prep time. So if anyone has some good recipes handy, I would love to hear them!

Oh. But no peanuts or peanut butter suggestions please. I am horribly allergic.

Omg you're allergic to peanuts or peanut butter??? You poor little thing *hugs*
I'd die if I couldn't have peanut butter :(
Try this http://www.pork.com.au/ you should be able to find heaps of really easy and tasty pork recipes there

LOL. I'm the opposite of you. I'd die if I DO have peanut butter!

But thank you for the link! I hope I can find something new to make there. I'm bored of my current diet. Something new and tasty would be nice.

I LOVE cooking, but I don't like making stuff that takes a ton of preparation. Which is why I use my crock pot a lot, it's so easy because you literally just throw all the ingredients in and forget about it!
This is my crock pot recipe for BBQ Pulled Pork
I buy a "pork butt" usually a pretty small one because I have a tiny crock pot but even a small one will make a TON of sandwiches. But honestly this meal is good you can just eat the meat plain with some coleslaw.
So first I take a small can of tomato paste and dump it in a bowl, I mix my seasonings up (garlic powder, onion powder, and chili powder) in the paste and then put the pork butt in the bowl and rub the paste all over it.
Put the pork butt in the crock pot and cover it with a box of beef broth. Leave it alone in there on high for 5 hours (your house is gonna smell amazing)
After the five hours take the pork butt out and with a fork just start shredding it all up. then cover it in BBQ sauce. Dump out the beef broth in the crock pot and put the meat back in. cook it for another 30 minutes on high and then you are all done!
Super super easy and it is awesome.

I also have a really good recipe for stuffed peppers, chicken parmesean (in the crock pot also super easy), meatloaf, baked ziti, chicken pot pie. So if you are interested in any of those let me know!

Make stir-fry.
Just get any vegetables you'd like to add and proportion them. :3
For me, I like to add onions, dell peppers (red and green) and sometimes jalapenos and broccoli, and I use teriyaki sauce to smother it in with so that it goes well with my white rice. :)


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