Mugcakes anyone?

Hey! What is everyones favorite mugcake recipes? I really like this small peanut butter cake recipe! It can also be vegan (i use cow milk and honey) and I think it can be made with things that are most commonly laying around in the kitchen. Check it out!

Omg I'm totally trying that out. Anything with peanut butter has got me already lol..... it looks so easy and done in the microwave just makes it perfect
edit......not doing the vegan version though :)

gonna make that tomorrow :) thankyou for sharing the recipie it sounds and looks delicious :) xx

I've never tasted them before but I could give them a try :D thank you for sharing

Try searching "5

Try searching "5 easy mugcakes" by gemma staford. She makes the best mugcakes, and other mug stuff like pancakes, cheesecakes and more.

That looks reallty delicous! I am going to have to show my Mom this later.


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