Thinking about becoming a vegetarian or vegan. In need of advice.

I have been hanging out with a few friends that are vegetarians/vegans and I am thinking about becoming one myself. Why did you become one? How long have you been one? What advice can you give me about becoming one (I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian)? What does becoming a vegetarian entail? What tips or advice can you give me about becoming one? How can I convince my parents to let me try?


I think you should go vegan, or at least vegetarian!  I have been a vegetarian for seven years and I am transitioning to vegan.  Becoming a vegetarian means you do not eat any products made of animals.  Chicken, fish, beef, pork, turkey, etc.  This also means you do not eat gelatin.  Chicken broth and anything that says it is made from any kind of animal is something vegetarians do not eat.  There are many great subsitute foods that are vegetarian and delicious!  This includes burgers, "chicken" tenders, and "turkey" roasts!  Being a vegan means not eating or using any kind of animal product or animal tested product.  You would have to make sure your deodorant, shampoo, and everything else you use is not tested on animals or contain any animal byproducts.  This also means not consuming eggs, honey, most sugar, and milk.  Vegans also do not wear leather, wool, or fur.  Since you are young please speak to your parents about it first.  If they are purchasing your food then you should get their approval first.

If you're serious about it then introduce some veggie meals slowly. Stop having ham on your sandwich at lunchtime, try humous and salad. Substitute a couple of quorn fillets for your chicken breasts. You'll need to pay much more attention although being veggie is easy out in the world now.  
I've flirted with veganism over the years and can honestly say I've never felt better than when I was eating plant based with no dairy or meat. For me, dairy gives me headaches, a runny nose and gut wrenching digestive pain. I drink soya milk now and eat very little cheese. It is entirely possible to get all the nutrients you need from a plant based diet and for this to improve your health. The evidence base is massive. Don't listen to anyone who says otherwise!?? 

Hello! Going Vegetarian, and then Vegan changed my life as I live with chronic illness. Hope you will someday soon know all the ?health benefits, which are far and wide reaching. There's lots of information on my Pinterest account regarding this particular topic. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas under keywords :
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