Baking recipes... help?

Last time my grandparents came over, I promised I would bake something for them (like cupcakes or brownies) the next time they came over, because I've done this once and apparently it turned out very well (even though I didn't eat any). So... does anybody have a recipe I could use to bake something from scratch?

Hi! I know you made this thread back in Jan but if you're still interested in something to bake; here's a cake which I love!?
And I haven't tried this yet but I really want to:?

Hi! I love baking! One of my favorite recipes is the Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. It's super easy! When cooking the cookies make sure to use about a tablespoon of dough per cookie, put the egg in last, and leave the butter out. You'll figure out more secrets or ideas after baking this terrific recipe. Heads up, the Nestle chocolate can get a little too melty, so you have to experience a varity of chocolate!

That's a great recipe.

I really love cooking, especially cakes. I often try new recipes. I recently found a great app?Cake Recipes?on the phone.?You can choose any recipe and bake a cake for your loved ones. I also have excellent recipes without baking.?Every Sunday I bake homemade cookies for children (my nephews and my son are going to our place). If you write what you love, I can pick up a simple recipe for you.


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