Least ingredients possible?

I have a mom who works three days a week, 12 hour shifts as a nurse. Does anybody have any recipies that don't take a whole lot of ingredients, so that it's easy to clean up? I'll eat anything, and amount of effort required is no problem at all.


Thank you~~

Breakfeast related stuff is easy to make and you can eat at anytime. Scrambled eggs, toast, egg sandwhiches, bacon are all easy to make and doesn't take long to make, as for cleaning, it's a minimum clean up. I can give you more ideas if you message me :D

Soup is usually pretty easy to make and has little clean up. Potato/veggie/chicken soups are the easiest and least messy.


Potato soup that I make frequently:

10 Potatoes sliced in 1/4" rounds, skin on

2 Large diced onions

15 thin sliced mushrooms

1 bunch khale de-veined and shredded

1 pint of heavy cream

oil/butter salt, pepper, crushed chili pepper flakes


saute the mushrooms and onions in butter/oil with some chili pepper flakes then add to a pot with the sliced potatoes and cover with an inch of water. Heat to a simmer and cook untill the potatoes are almost soft enough to eat, then add khale and heavy cream and salt to taste. You can also add itallian sausage, and or itallian seasonings/rosemary/garlic for better flavor


rice soup:

3 carrots small dice

3 celery sticks small dice

1 onion small/medium dice

15 mushrooms sliced/diced

1 cup of rice, rinsed and drained

butter/oil, salt, pepper, other seasonings.


basically saute the carrots, celery, onions and mushrooms and then cover with 2-3" of water in a pot. Add the rice and bring to a simmer. Add salt and seasonings. You can pretty much make this soup taste like whatever you want, but if you dont season it, it is pretty bland by its self. You could make it asian by seasoning with a little soy sauce and sesame oil, or make it cajun and season with paprika/cyan/chili powder/onion powder/garlic powder/bay leaf, or you can make it Latin American by adding lime, cilantro, shrimp and possibly a dash of tequilla. It really is a versitile soup you can do anything with.


Then there is always papa murphies pizza.. Buy something plain and add your favorite toppings, baste the crust in a little olive oil and salt to make it extra yummy.


Pasta is always easy. 

Boil pasta

Add sauce (from can at the store)

If you are feeling fancy, toast up some garlic bread.

Making your own sauce tastes better but is a lot more messy.



Salad is pretty easy

Leafy greens+sliced tomatoes/olives/red onion/pepperchinis/whatever you like on salad/croutons/dressing.







1 kilo of meat (pork/beef)
green bell pepper
green silly
oyster sauce

how to cook:
saute the garlic and onion in oil, add the meat and saute at 5 mins. and then put a vinegar and soy sauce and then 1/2 of water and then soften the meat in 20-30 mins and then put the carrots , green bell pepper and the green silly and then put the oyster sauce also and then put a little wash sugar or white sugar and then after 2 minutes, already served.

I make a baked ziti that is ridiculously easy.
All you have to do is pre-heat your oven to 350
Boil your ziti noodles
then mix the pasta with a jar of tomato sauce (any kind, I like ones with veggies in it), a small container of ricotta cheese, and some shredded mozzarella
bake covered with foil in the oven for abour 30 minutes or until its heated all the way through
Sometimes I take it out and remove the foil, put a little parmesean cheese on it and put it back in until its all crunchy on top.


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