whats for dinner?!

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mandakim:We had chicken curry with veggies......was amazing 

I am willing to be traded for your little sister anytime...yum yum...you have some delicious meals!! 

Cool.....I'll take that trade anytime lol
For dinner tonight we're having beef tikka masala. It's supposed to be chicken tikka masala but we haven't got any chicken lol
Instead of having rice with it, mum puts pasta shells in it while it's cooking. It's seriously good 

....you could have had some tofuturkey if you didn't have chicken LMAOLMBA

Mmmmm its soooo nice.  Hey I wonder if its big in the UK / USA / Mexico??

corn on the cob

I just had Homemade French Toast.

Going to have pizza soon.

Grilled Chicken w/ Boiled veggies (Broccoli, Carrots & Cauliflower) 

Had some Pita Chips, Hummus and Yogurt.

Mac & Cheese.

Breakfast- Honey Bunches Of Oats cereal w/Banana
Snack- Honey Bunches Of Oats cereal.
Lunch- 2 bowls of Chips 
Snack- Cheerios w/ Banana.
Dinner- Idk yet.

Mac & Cheese

We had beef with veggies 

Veggies soup with corn, onion, carrots, tomtato and sausages 

Chicken soup and brownies for dessert 

chicken alfredo

Fish, kinda yummy kinda eww lol

beef, corn and carrots 

Fried chicken


Hot roast beef sandwiches and french fries and gravey over the sandwich and fries.

An extra large portion of BBQ Chicken Feast Pizza with some extra fries and a plate of Chicken Wings. Maybe even some choco fudge brownies if I'm feeling it! :P

I know that many of you would be judging me by the sheer amount of all that. Hey, it's almost weekend here and I think I deserve it ! ;) Btw, that's not just for me alone. There's three of us and it's almost tradition for us to have a pizza dinner once every 2 weeks from the Freshslice Pizza joint here in Vancouver ;). We usually just go and order through their online Portal.I'd also be ordering a portion of the Caesars Salad, which is most likely going to be my 'guilt-lunch' for tomorrow followed by an intense day at the gym, haha!

By the way, this is just our weekend guilty pleasure! We usually eat clean throughout the week.
But guess our taste buds have been accustomed to freshslice so much so that we aren't able to give up on it.
Guilty as charged! ;)

tonight i had this asian soup called "kapia". I love it! :D

Just a big bowl of Chicken Salad! :/

japanese curry tonight!

My mom and I discovered sweet potato frittatas. They're super easy to make and are really good. I also learned how to make butternut squash and black bean taco/burritos. I love them and boyfriend seems to like them pretty well, too.?

We had meat and veggies 🍴

Pasta with cheese and sauce 😊

Today we had homemade fried chicken

Yesterday I finally received my desired redmond multi cooker that I ordered at https://multicooker.com/uk/catalog/multicookers/ so for dinner today I want to make smth very special. I think I'll try new beef stroganoff recipe. I've never cooked it before but with multi cooker I think it will be easy to do.

Spaguetty and meatballs


We had spaghetti

pizza, guys

Last night we had something made with potatoes, I'm still trying to figure out what it was

Spaghetti bologonese

I don't know what's for dinner but right now it lunch break at work and I have: 2 ham sandwiches, 1 banana and apple juice

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