Becoming a Vegan

Ok, so I really want to become a vegan but I've no clue where to start.


I had no idea how bad conditions for animals in the meat industry were up until yesterday, when I accidentally came across this video:  It almost made me cry. And just to be sure I've done some more googling, and yep, it seems to be true. Animals in the meat industry really are abused that badly.


But anyway, I have loads of questions. How do I maintain a healthy diet, and still get all the nutrients found in animals and animal-derived products? Should I go vegan all at once or go vegetarian for a while and see how that goes? Where can I find good vegan recipes? Do I need to take supplements? What animal derived ingredients should I watch out for on food labels?


But I haven't even gotten to the biggest obstacle yet : MY FAMILY. I have no idea how to tell them. There isn't a single person in my family who is vegetarian or vegan and I just know they'll be really judgmental. I can't see my parents actually allowing me to become vegan, to be honest. It'll mean they'll have to spend more money, to buy food for me that the rest of the family won't eat. I've no problem cooking for myself, but that will also be awkward as I wouldn't be eating at the same time as everyone else.


By the way, my sister who is eleven wants to be vegetarian but my parents won't let her (its not about animal rights for her though, she just dislikes the taste of meat.) So if they won't let her be vegetarian, how will I convince them to let me take the even bigger step of becoming vegan?


I know that's a lot of questions, but if anyone can even answer some of them that would be really great. :smileyhappy:


Wow that is a pretty big jump finding out about the cruelty just yesterday and already wanting to go vegan. I don't know you might want to try being vegetarian first even for a little bit. It also sounds like your parents aren't going to let you anyhow mostly trying to be a vegan.


I went vegetarian for animal rights purposes like over 6 years ago. I didn't really care how healthy I eat and I still don't. After I move out on my own and become less of a picky eater etc I plan on becoming vegan.


That's a lot of questions you have hah and they are actually some pretty easy answer to find with a like research (and by research I just mean type it in in google search). If you go vegan I know the one of the main vitamens you have to watch for is B12 (as its like one of the only things you can't get in any other food besides animal products).


Also know it is basically litterally impossible to be 100% vegan in todays society. Also just in case you weren't aware most of the time when people call themselves vegan or what they consider actual vegans it isn't just your eating habits but your whole lifestyle where you avoid animal products in everything, you avoid animal testing, etc.


The main ingrediet I would say you want to avoid is Gelatin. This by many people isn't even considered vegetarian. It is mostly in jell-o, gummy bears (and other gummy candy), marshmallows, I've seen it a lot in popsicles now, etc. I do hope you realize going vegan isn't as simple as no eating meat (including fish), milk and eggs. You also have to remember the other pretty obvious things that are made with milk and eggs. (ice cream, cheese, milk chocolate, semi sweet chocolate, butter, honey, yogurt, cheesecake, cool whip, sour cream. Also anything with milk or eggs in the batter like pancakes, waffles, cookies, cake, etc) All these things I listed are just some of the obvious things.


Here is a list of ingredients you want to avoid:



Now that I've said all that being vegan really isn't all that bad there is basically vegan alternatives to everything meat, milk, etc. Just look it up there is probably an alternative or a vegan recipe to make it.


Here is a list of some foods that are "accidentally" vegan meaning foods that you would think aren't vegan and you can basically find them at any store (and they maybe weren't even purposefully made to be vegan but they are! and that's great)

(One of my personal favorite accidentally vegan things are Sour Patch Kids!)

Hi, thanks for all the advice.


My plan is to become a vegetarian first, simply because its not as big a jump so my parents might be more open to it. After a few months of being a vegetarian, I'll tell them I want to be a vegan. So I'lll try to ease them in gradually. :smileyhappy:


And starting immediately I'm not buying anything made with fur, leather or wool or anything that is tested on animals. Unfortunately, this means giving up Rimmel and Maybelline, formerly my two favourite make-up brands. But I can still use Essence, which was my third favourite and is my favourite now!


Thanks again for your help. :smileyhappy:

I also hope I didn't scare you any I think any form of  vegetarian or vegan is better than nothing so if you never even go fully vegan I think that's great! I myself might not even go full vegan ever I know I want to at least stop drinking milk and eggs plain.

You mentioned about makeup brands etc so wanted to supply you with a few more helpful links


here you can find lists of companies that do test on animals and don't etc (I think the printable PDF versions are easiest to read)



here you can "order" the pocket sized shopping guide of it for free (or they have an iphone app for it)


It's pretty hard to avoid supporting any corporation that tests on animals or uses animal products etc. I myself really hate corporations lol. Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, etc. they all own multiple things that you would think our different companies. That's like it made me so mad when Colgate bought Toms of Maine. Tom's of Maine make like toothpaste, deoderant etc that are fully natural with no animal products and not tested on animals and made with recycled packaging material etc. they still do that but they are owned by Colgate now and Colgate does test on animals etc. 

It is still better to buy Toms over some other Colgate product as it shows Colgate that someone does care and wants stuff that isn't tested on animals etc. I would still not rather give my money though to someone who does use it towards animal testing! grr 

Hi! I am 14 and i am a vegan! I have been vegan for nearly 4 months and i haven't found it too hard. I pretty much jumped straight into veganism as i was only vegetarian for a month before going vegan! My dad wouldn't really let me at first, but i managed to convince him. I turned vegan becaus eof some YouTube videos i saw too and i recommend: Gary Yourofsky's best speech, earthlings and 101 reasons to go vegan. 

It is great that you have opened your eyes and seen what is really going on in the world and how we can be so closed off from something; it makes you question everything. In terms of vitamins, as long as you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables ( it sounds hard but it isn't ) you will be absoloutely fine! I recommend taking a B12 supplement because although some of us produce it, we can no longer get it from bacteria on vegetables because soil is so processed nowadays.

I find it pretty easy to eat out because places like wagamamas, nandos, pizza express etc all have vegan options and if a restuarant doesn't, they are ususally very happy to sort something out for you!

It may take a while for your family be understand and be supportive, but once they see that you are healthy, they will grow to live with it! Stick to your morals because at the end of the day, you can't be forced to eat anything.

If i have missed anything out or have any questions or worries or just want to talk about it, i would be so happy to help you because i think that it is wonderful that you have realised animals are our friends and when it comes to their lives, our taste buds are nothing!

Rachelx :D ;)

If you have a facebook or pinterest please add my Alt Life Style / Faye Banks account.?
There are many great tips to help get you started! Raw Vegan food has changed my life <3?
80/10/10 . Kristina Fully Raw 30 Bananas a Day FoodNSport are good places to get info on?
meals. Pinterest is a great search engine for that.?

Good Luck, always do what's best for your soul. Your family will understand if they love and care about you. <3?



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