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Hello all,

I am looking forward to buying a new commercial electric pizza oven for my nephew, who is going to start his new pizza place... I am really happy for him... My husband and I don't have children, so he is like a son to us.

But, I have no idea what type I should buy for a restaurant. Once he mentioned that he was thinking to buy an electric type. That's how I came up the idea of buying a commercial electric pizza oven.

I guess his place can contain, like 20-30 people, and has like medium to large pizza making space. So, what kind of pizza oven should I get for him..?? I have a few in my mind, but just want to know you peoples opinion too.

One more question that I have in mind is that should I get him a low production pizza oven- 2-5 racks per chamber, to fit 16" pizzas on each- for the time being. And upgrade it to medium or high production pizza ovens, once he is stable in his business. If I do this would he think that I don't have trust in him..??

Please leave your thoughts. This is important to me. Please help...


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