How can I present my artwork to him

Hi there,
I need your advice for packing and sending my artwork. I had painted my boyfriend's picture and has to present him on his birthday but the matter is that he is in the?USA. How can I get it to him on that day? I thought about sending through courier but it may be difficult as it is a glass painting. I am afraid whether it may break while transporting. I had an alternative thinking, to get the service from the Armstrong Moving, I found out that they had worldwide services. When my cousin sis had her house shifting, she had used their services. But I had a couple of questions regarding the packing, any ideas or suggestions for lovely packing? Do I need to add up anything to it? I wish to present flowers bouquet with my gift but I am sure I can't send it from here. Can I ask the service providers to present flowers bouquet along with that? Might they do such services? Any ideas to present him a floral gift?


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