Need advice on a part of my story plz!

OK, so here it is:
I am writing a vampire novel (i know, i know, collective groan) but it is different than the typical vampire romance.
I think I am calling it either From Darkness to Dawn, or The Darkness Before Dawn. It is hopefully going to be two books, or at least two titled Darkness, one titled Dawn.
Basically, there are psy vampires...which suck energy from people, rather than blood. Then there are regular vampires. Well, there are two vampires, one of each type, and they grew up together, but now live halfway around the world from each other. I need them to communicate with each other about the main character, who they both know. But i don't know if one should travel to meet the other in person or if there should be some sort of mental vampire esp between the two where they communicate in their minds from their respective homes. Maybe in a dream sequence? This is what I am not sure about. I just realized a fight between them over the main character girl would be the perfect addition to my story, but I'm just not sure how to do it in a way that makes sense. I fear that creating a mental link between two different breeds of vampires would be too illogical and might be a sticking point in the plot.


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