Superhero/Vigilante Needs a Name

Hey everyone. So I drew this picture of a Vigilante guy and he needs a name. His colors are dark green and black. Please help. I'll try to post a picture of the drawing. I've come up with a few names. I don't want any names too close to Marvel/DC.

Crosshot (still debating spelling, my favorite so far)
Nightquake (this will probably be his partner's name)
Black Falcon (too Marvel/DC sounding)
Green Hawk (too Marvel/DC sounding)

Hero Traits:
Parkour master
Weapons master (knife throwing, etc.)
Sniper (perfered weapon is bow and arrow but he can use anything/guns, etc.)
Master of just about any form of combat
Very intelligent and knowledgeable (but not superhumanly so)

Am I not able to post pictures up here?


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