A sonnet: Ode to Bunny

Ode to Bunny

For where I am going I do not know
But where I end I know you will be there
Together it is hand in paw we go
From birth you have always been there to care 

Big ol' ears that fill my small heart with joy
the only one I can count on today 
you are not just a thing from the past toy
Blanket friend whom I do not have to say

You never said much not a single peep 
Somewhere to lay my tiny head and cry
I always knew that you were mine to keep
Miniature bud till the day I die

I love you even if it sounds funny 
Forever and always my sweet bunny

(I wrote this sonnet in sixth grade about a cloth bunny that I've had since I was born. It means a lot to me, and has been through everything with me)


this was sweet - i liked it. :-)

also cool that you are a geology major.

Thank you!

It's a very cute poem, I liked it :)

Thank you very much! ^^


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