I get picked on!

Am I the only "young" person who likes to knit and crochet? I get picked on by guys because it's an "old lady" hobby. 

No, you're probably not the only one.  And guys are gonna make fun of that anyways, they don't get it.

I knit sometimes :) (i'm fourteen)

I don't knit or crochet but i dont think of it as an old lady hobby. i just think of it as another form of art that can be fantastic if you work really hard. you can infact make a lot of stuff out of yarn if you get really good at it. I find ways to make stuff with beads and i enjoy it. Even if some people would say that it looks like something an elementary schooler would make and wear i don't really care. i just enjoy what i make and ignore what people say. unless its nice of course. So just go on with your knitting and crocheting and enjoy what you make. because thats what i think is more important.

Im 15 and I knit and do tapestry ( a form of weaving) and I attend a craft group once a week and Im the youngest there! lol, but I find it helps me de-stress and also helps my depression :) xxx


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