Art blocks

I'm having an awful and long art block. I haven't been able to draw a thing for the past 2 months or more. Everything I draw looks terrible and it's really starting to get to me. How long do your art blocks usually last and how do you get over them? I should know this by now because I've had plenty of them before, I just don't remember them being this long.

trust me i dont know how ti even draw again i've been in a block for like a year and a half. i've tried and tried to draw over that amount of time and i just end up drawing doodles or the same thing over and over. i think im thinking too much about it. so ive been trying to find inspriation in everything. i used to draw all the time but the bad part is i was so sad back then when i was drawling all the time. i feel like being sad is what always gave me something new to create. i know that music always helps me find things to draw. or tv shows. or looking up other peoples art and drawing your own version of what they did. even though its not fully your work cause your basically copying someone else , but aleast you'd be drawing. i've been so blocked that instead i've started writing. but if i were you just find other peoples art that you like find what you kike about what they did and draw it yourself. maybe if you do that you'll be able to spark new ideas for other pictures and make sure you write down your ideas for new pictures so you dont forget and then get stuck again.


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