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Here are a couple I wrote:

I have a bunch more if you ever want to read them...

Me; Just Me

I am smart

That doesn't mean you can cheat off me

I am a musician

That doesn't mean I'm the life of the party

I play volleyball

That doesn't mean I'm the most athletic

I am shy

That doesn't mean I don't talk

I am blonde

That doesn't mean I'm stupid

I am tall

That doesn't mean I'm strong and tough

I am an actress

That doesn’t mean I like to be the center of attention

I am respectful

That doesn't mean I'm the teacher's pet

I smile

That doesn't mean I'm happy

Don't judge me until you get to know me


I’m a Person

Yes that hurts

my feelings

even though you think

I have none


I’ll just go and

cry myself asleep...



My Sensibilities

I’m scared

but it doesn’t matter

I cry and no one cares

I’m sad

but no one notices

I put on a fake smile

And you can't see through it


Am I Wrong?

I feel bad,

But am I just feeling sorry for myself?

I am sad,

But am I just so used to crying?

I am angry

But how can I let my anger out?

People are mean

But am I just the problem?



Summer Beaches

Warmth of the sun

Sand in between my toes

Water splashing


Nights get colder

Doesn’t matter

Plunge into the cool, crisp waves






The perks of summer









listen to what i say
everything will be okay
because all their pleas sound the same

listen to what i say 
everything will be okay
because all their pleas sound the same

when the truth reveals before their eyes
they will spare no time to finalize
your death decree
my suffering

oh, listen to what i say
everything will be okay
because all their pleas sound the same

Here are a few of my poems :)
I can see the red in your eyes, dear. A reflection of all of your red tears. You say you keep your sweater on because you're cold, but I know that it's really something more. I trace the lines that you hate so much, I kiss all of the sore spots. You skin is like ivory with jagged lines spread across it. I know you paint with silver, but it always turns to red. Please don't, darling. It happens every time. And I know that those red tears always make you cry.

Living -
You live, you learn, you lose some lives. But in the end I promise I'll be fine even if I'm caving inside. I'm still holding onto the fine lines of this life. Hoping that everything will be alright.

We're only beautiful if we're dead or gone, where in this excuse for society did it all go wrong.

The World-
You're too young for this world to break you, but you're old enough to understand it will deceive and try to make you.


very nice poetry girls....u are all talented :)

Here is are two short stories I have written.

The Time a Girl Almost Lost Her True Love Forever
There once was a girl whose name was Belle Norm.  Belle was always depressed until she met a guy whose name was Wes Dork.  Wes always showed Belle how much he loved her.  Belle was never depressed while she was dating Wes. Belle has had a really hard life and when she found Wes she thought her life was going to get a lot better and never go back to what it used to be.  Little did Belle know was that her life was going to get at an all-time low. Belle had gotten into the wrong crowd and the crowd changed her to something Wes did not love so Wes broke up with Belle.  When Wes broke up with Belle, she became very depressed and upset that she said things to Wes and drove Wes to insanity which Belle was already driven to.  Belle went back to cutting and starving herself.  One day whenever Belle's teacher gave her an assignment to write a story all she could think about was Wes and how she had lost him forever.  She wrote a really good story that everyone liked.  No one except Wes and Belle knew what the story was really about.   Belle had expressed herself in the story and she wrote it to try to get Wes to forgive her.  She had thought that Wes was her soul mate.  Belle loved Wes more than anyone she has ever loved.   She knew Wes would never go out with her again because of how bad she had hurt Wes.  She cried every night because she felt like she lost her soul mate.  She tried to give her love to someone else but it was already taken.  Someone already had her love so she had no more love to give.  She continued to cry and starve herself and cut until one night she was tired of crying and cutting and staving herself so she picked up a pen and wrote everything she felt in a story and sent it to Wes.  Wes really did not care about her anymore and told her it was a good story but he did not love her anymore.  Wes left Belle crying. Wes left Belle so upset that she decided to cut again and she accidentally cut a little too deep and almost died.  Whenever she woke up in the hospital she checked her Facebook and she saw that Wes had posted a lot of things about how she was his true love, his soul mate, until her friends made her change.  Wes had walked in the room by the time she finished reading all the post.  Wes asked Belle why she cut and she told him that she cut because she was so depressed because she thought she had lost her soul mate forever and that she would never cut again under one condition.  That condition was if he would give her one last chance, if he would never leave her again.  He said he would give her on last chance and would tell her if she was going down the wrong path.  A month later, Wes asked Belle to marry him and Belle said yes.  They lived with each other and they were both happy all the time Belle's depression problems went away and Wes's emotional problems slowly began to vanish.  Belle apologized to Wes every day for hurting him. Wes apologized for leaving her and told her he would never leave her again.  They both regained each other's trust and Belle never cut again. Belle and Wes had two children together the oldest was a son named Wesly and the youngest was a daughter named Isabella.             
The End
 The Time a Girl Lost Her Best Friend
             There once was a girl who had a large collection of memorabilia from her childhood.  Her most dear object in that collection was her teddy bear, Dr. Bear.  She has had him since she was one year old.  Dr. Bear always showed her that he cares about her and will always be there for her when she needs someone to love.  Dr. Bear was the only one who could tell when something was wrong with the girl, and the girl loved Dr. Bear with all her heart.  Dr. Bear was always there for the girl whenever she was sick or upset.  No one understood the girl like Dr. Bear did.  She had thought she would never lose until one stormy, rainy night.               
That night, she had five of her friends over. Her friends lulled her into a false sense of security.  She was totally oblivious that they had put Dr. Bear outside.  When she realized Dr. Bear was missing, she freaked out.  She scurried around the house looking for him.  The girl's mum know where girl's five friends hide the bear but she did not give up the information because she thought her daughter was over attached to her bear.  The girl feared that Dr. Bear would think she abandoned him.                
The girl lived on a dead end so she ran up and down her road several times. It was pouring down rain.  She was running in circles.  Finally, she decided to go and check her junk pile for the yard sale just in case she accidently set him in the pile but he was nowhere to be found.   She decided to go and check in the boat in her back yard.               
She thought she had left him in the boat because she had gone for a ride on the boat that day and had packed Dr. Bear. She goes nowhere without him.  After searching the boat many times, she realized he was nowhere to be found.                 
She became very poky and depressed and began to cry. It started raining even harder when she began to cry as if her tears triggered the rain.  She looked up on the porch to see if she could find something to dry up with when she realized and exquisite umbrella sitting on a table the umbrella was open so she walked up the porch to close the umbrella and when she lifted the umbrella she saw something. She had found Dr. Bear. She was so happy that she had found Dr. Bear that she did not get mad at her mum or her five friends.  She ran up to her room, laid on her bed in her rain soaked clothes, held Dr. Bear as tight as she could and promised him she would never change and leave him, and she cried herself to sleep because she thought she had lost her best friend forever.
The End


Hi here are some of my poems, (They dont rime :P )

Happy People

You know your friend,
The one who is always happy,
The one who loves to make everyone laugh,
Well know this,
sometimes a smile can be decieving,
Sometimes a laugh can be fake,
Because she looks so strong on the outside,
But she isnt,
She thinks she is ugly,
She thinks she is fat,
And you dont notice,
How everyday her smile is dimmer than the day before,
You cant see the pain behind the mask,
Why would you,
She is always so happy,
But sometimes the happiest people are the people with the most pain and biggest secrets to hide.

I Dont Do It...
I dont do it for fun,
I dont do it for attention,
I dont do it cause its 'cool',
I do it for a reason,
I do it cause it hurts,
I do it for relief,
I do it to feel anything but how I feel during the week,
I do it cause it makes me realize that this is real,
That im not traped in some nightmare world that I can wake up from,
I am stuck in reality,
So no matter how messed up you think I am,
Remember this,
I dont do cut because I want  to die,
I cut because I want to live.


I am happy,
I am fun,
I am talkative,
I care lots,
I pretend,
I wear a mask,
I hide away,
You never ask.


When you wear a mask for years,
and then forget to put it up for one day,
Its funny how no one notices.


Lets play hide and seek,
Ill hide you have to find me,
Its not wheter you will find me,
Its wether you will find ME,
That counts.


I tried to tell you,
But you said it was just a faze,
So I waited,
It ddnt end,
Now I know the truth,
But I cant share it with you,
Cause Im afraid you wont believe me,
But the truth is no matter how long I pretend,
Wont change a thing.


Dunno y but i wrote dis on mothers day XP

Watching like a stalker out of the corner of my eye
I see classmates laughing and talking side by side,jealousy that I have never felt bubbled inside,like a mysterious potion,and sinful pride. Isolated all day, every day,sitting alone all night, every night.No one to talk to, no one to play with,living in a world which revolves around sadness,
I cry. Dark midnight black tears slide down my cheeks,like dew drops, dripping down my chin, alike.Tainted by the extreme emotion I felt, I sigh,present eternally,like a shadow which casts its permanent place with delight.                  


I am not just a she
I am not just some one
I want to be seen
I am not a little girl
I am not a woman
I am kind
I have feelings
I am not just something you can use
I am not who you want me to be
I AM ME...

Oh Sweet girlWhy do you look at the water so longingly?Do you wish to be a fish?And swim into depths unknown to man?How much deeper must you gountil you're beyond my reach?

YOU DON'T UNDERSTANDYou don't understand me,So don't pretend you do.You don't really know ME,You just know a reflection of you.You don't really get me,So please no more 'yes I do's.You don't really see ME,It's an illusion you see me through.?SHELLSI sometimes leave my shell at home,When I go outside.But every time I doI notice something else to hide.So almost automatically,Like a switch flicked in my brain.My shell reappears,And I step inside again.The next time that I leave my shell,I'll remember all the timesThat my shell has saved you fromReading between the lines.I'm sorry if you realise thatYou only know my shellBut its name is 'Yes. I'm Fine'=11.0ptAnd it doesn't show my hell.

Heres one i made for my BF... Its kind of cheesy so beware lol!!!

I love you like theres no tomorrow.
If you like, your love I borrow!
I love you like the stars will shine.
You make me yours and I'll make you mine!
I love you like my heart might burst.
Desire that's an unquenchible thirst!
I love you like you love ?me.
Mabye more, That's the key!
I love you like I love no other.
If you want, I'll be your lover!
I love you like never before.
I love you to my very core!

Hope you guys like it!!

Freshman, 15 , In Love , HAPPY!! , Loves: poems, music, Chris{ my bf} , art , video games , est.

this is mine, using an extended metaphor usin a lion to describe heat..hope y'all like it:

The immense heat which stalks its prey,
hoping to kill, hoping to slay.
It empties its lungs with the mightiest of roars,
standing majestically on its four monstrous paws.
It roams around on sunburnt terrain,
showing off its fiery mane.
Drying out trees as it exhales its burning breath,
now we have entered the scorching valley of death...


The clock on your wall is broken
You say its hands move too quickly for its time to be true
That three hours can't have possibly gone by,
not when your world is still blue
One month passes and the hands still lie to you
You swear you've only been like this for half an hour,
yet they tell you you've been for two
Oh love, you've become so obsessed with the way the clock ticks
that you don't realize the broken one here
is you

Here is a poem I wrote?

My home ?the Amazon
The jungle leaves keeping me safe
The moist air seeping in my lungs?
My home called the Amazon?
? ? ? My home being deceived,forgotten and thrown away
Tress cut plants die away seeing these things walk with evilness in their eyes
Me stalking them protecting my home the Amazon?
? ? ? ? ? They capture they kill and trapp
We hiding in fear from the death in them not careing about what they did
?? ? ? ? ? ? ? My home the Amazon is not what it appears?
They can't get enough?
no where to hide
no where to run?
Just sit and wait until the destruction has begun?
? ? ? ? ? ?My home the Amazon has pride and feeling in me take me instead
Sacrifice me and save my home the Amazon?



Sorry about the question marks I have no idea why they are there

Here is the link to all my poems... :3


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