Which picture is better? I know they'...
Which picture is better? I know they're bad... They're both pretty bad They are both TERRIBLE They're okay I like myth better I like simplicity better You will be able to change your vote. (Ignore the shoes and the ears) Also, I'm just wondering, what style is myth? Like is she just weird, or would you label her? Edited 8/15/2005 11:14 am ET ET by wynter-ice
They're pretty good! I mean, not very realistic, but still cool. Also I'm wondering, was that supposed to be a poll? Because it's not showing up as one. It just has bullets. I would vote: I like myth better.___________________________________________________________
sorry off topic, but i love the dog on ur siggy, is he urs? ne way, i like Myth better, but eather way they r both good                                                http://misericordia.deviantart.com/  pic above and dark photos are all done by xmisericordiax  check out her website!! 98% of teenagers have tried smoking pot. if you    are one of that 2% who haven't, paste this into                your signature If you're not Christian, Muslim, or Jewish and are still going to end up good in the afterlife, paste this into your signature. ~* Virginity can only be given once.. save it 4 someone who matters *~ Put this in your signature if you're waiting till after you get Married * ~   so mote it be  
No, the dog isn't mine :'-( I wish... I just found the picture online and thought it was sooo cute! __________________________________________________________________ Edited 8/17/2005 11:28 am ET ET by maxinemaxwell30



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