Hey, I'm new! Have a poem I wrote :)

Hey! I'm new, and go by ParadoxThoughts because....I don't really have a reason....But I figured I'd introduce myself with a poem I wrote recently, as I very much enjoy writing. I haven't given it a title, like most of my poems, I have a hard time choosing, any title suggestions are appreciated!

Without further ado:


Black or white
Two different races
Two different cultures
One single species

You are or you aren't
You have or you don't have
All or nothing
Yet the phrase,?
Uttered often
And with ease?
"I'm not racist, but..."

But isn't it
All or nothing?

Colour is, simply put,
A spectrum of light,
Until it becomes racial
And the spectrum becomes
A hierarchy

Blame is the light absorbed:

White reflects all light
Black absorbs all light

You judge by different skin colours,
Not different stories,
Or different talents,
Or different ideas

Why can't we just
Accept our differences, but
Live under a single race:
The human race

Hope you like it, I wrote it as a "rant poem".


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