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Hey... I am an artist. My love of colors will never end. I love the colors to the moon and back. I always mix up colors to get a new one. I also love to do wall paintings. I love both contemporary paintings as well as a watercolor painting. Painting is an art where we splash colors. I have participated in many of the competitions and even I have won prizes too.

But an exhibition of my art is my dream. I didn't have a sponsor for it. Now the almighty had showered his blessings on me. Finally, I got a sponsor. I am so excited. The exhibition will be scheduled soon. Before that I need the public to know about it. I thought of placing banners in the most crowded streets.

I want to know about ​ the banner print in Toronto. Please help me...

Painting is an art where we splash colors.

I think you're painting with too broad a brush. There's so much art work wthin the painting genre that is of great detail and complexity that 'splashing' is the last word you'd associate with it. So good to hear that the almight has showered his blessings upon you. Keep splashing your paint Patricia, and perhaps give us a link to your exhibition rather than an advert for banner manufacturers next time you know, just for the sake of convincing those doubters who wonder if you REALLY do have an exhibition coming up.

Thank you for your reply...?I will surely update the link.


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