Christianity and LBGTP

Please do not go all crazy and hateful. I am just curoius as to who on here is a christian and supports the LBGTP community. I grew up in church all my life, and I have never had a problem with people in that community. One of my friends came out to me and I was a little mad at the fact he didnt tell me sooner. I understand why he was/ is reserved about coming out to people. People can be vicious. Just want to know your thoughts. Feel free to disagree but do so respectfully. Thank you!!

I'm Catholic and I support it 100%.

im seventh day so is my gf we support it 100.99% were both in the closet though

im christian and i fully support it 100% and im bisexual:)

I am a Christian, go to church and a catholic school. I am also bisexual and support it 100% although I am not out to anyone but my best friend and some online friends.


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