Christianity and LBGTP

Please do not go all crazy and hateful. I am just curoius as to who on here is a christian and supports the LBGTP community. I grew up in church all my life, and I have never had a problem with people in that community. One of my friends came out to me and I was a little mad at the fact he didnt tell me sooner. I understand why he was/ is reserved about coming out to people. People can be vicious. Just want to know your thoughts. Feel free to disagree but do so respectfully. Thank you!!

im seventh day so is my gf we support it 100.99% were both in the closet though

im christian and i fully support it 100% and im bisexual:)

I am a Christian, go to church and a catholic school. I am also bisexual and support it 100% although I am not out to anyone but my best friend and some online friends.

I am pansexual and just now re-evaluating/discovering my faith. One of the main things I looked for in a church was whether or not they support the LGBT+ community. The church I attended while in high school did not. I went so far as to email the pastor to ask my questions and found a really good church close to me.?

I am Christian, and i generally just believe that each person has their own relationship with God, regardless, and everyone has the right ot live their own life. Im not perfect enough to pretend i can judge someone else, so i believe showing Christ's love is done to all people in general, loving those who follow Him and belive in Him

I am Christian in the sense that we went to church most Sundays when I was a kid and some other church activitiies and I still go for special events like Easter, and, I do believe in God but honestly it isn't a big part of the way I think about my life each day, maybe it should be but it isn't. Having said that I don't see why being gay would upset God if God created them gay, and even if God didn't create some people gay, why would God be upset anyway?? Because not as many Christian children are born maybe?? But then why not also be mad at people who just don't want kids?? There might be a reason I am missing but I don't get it. I try to follow the golden rule.


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