Different Religions (Me and My Boyfriend)

Should I take my boyfriend to church? (I'm a christian, he's an atheist). He said he doesn't care.


But prep him with the knowledge that people who have a strong belief system can be damanged if their belief system is torn apart.

(Imagine you proved to an atheist that gravity didn't actually exist, and it was actaully God pushing everything down to the ground. That atheist would be very shaken. Suddenly the who world he believes in is shattered and invalid.)

Bring him as long has he'll be respectful and not try to point out all the flaws or prove some tenent is impossible. Plus he's missing the deeper point if he's stuck on those topical details. Let him notice how others benefit by choosing to believe (even if what they chose to believe in doesn't make sense, skip over that and look at the result (which I hope is positive).

Hopefully he's open minded and willing to just accept the experience.

Best wishes!

He doesn't really believe anything. He's also very gullible.
Anything meaning anything religious.?

First of all, when my Christian youth group had a relationship series, one of the first things they said was that the Bible says that your mate or spouse should be a Christian. If you are a strong Christian, you should try bringing your boyfriend to church. If it comes to if you should marry this boyfriend of yours and you are a strong Christian ask yourself " Does he love God more or the same amount as me.?" . If he has a relationship with The Lord.. Awesome! If he doesn't, that could be a bumpy path. Are you and ur boyfriend serious?
good luck?

I am an atheist and my boyfriend is a Christian. I have never gone with him to church, but I have gone with other friends, and it never changed my point of view.

If he truly wants to go, then go ahead! :D Don't expect his beliefs to change, though, and don't try to force him to think something different (not that u would). He'll either start believing on his own or not at all.


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