Why are you here?

So i stummbled upon this site about a year ago from a friend who asked me if it was okay to be on. I looked on this fourm wall and i was really suprised how many christains ect were on here. I came back just now with a feeling to write this. Dont you see the articles they write? Dont you know that this is not a site you should be on? Im not saying this to judge anyone beacuse i dont really care, but i dont like hypocrites and by coming on here thats what you are doing. You give people advice on religion and such but your here...why? To get sex advice?...To gossip about celebs?...So for those of you WHO CLAIM to be christians, cathloics, ect find a new more uplifting website! If you have questions about religion go there! Not here! Here are a few links below for blogs, mags, and websites to check out.

and last but not least the website just like gurl...

So leave this place and go find somewhere else to get your facts. Go somewhere else to be encouraged.

Personally, I like the diversity of thought here. Yeah, I don't agree with a lot of what people write, but then again, many of the opinions shared on this website are reflective of the opinions held by teens and young adults in our society in general, a society you and I are a part of.As an Orthodox Christian, I'm in the minority pretty much everywhere I go, so I'm used to it. Lol. I actually created an account on the last website you mentioned in your post, and tried to post my opinions on a couple of topics..Mind you, I was respectful of the fact that I was in the minority there..but they didn't publish it.Anyhow, I wish you the best..-Lyuba

Thank you for replying! Im glad you made an account! I was not judgeing anyone just asking a question

Why are you here?

To be whitness for christ. I also 1st got here beacuse a friend asked me to check it out to make sure its okay

Right, but making a point to make sure people think you're not judging makes it seem like you are judging. I live for Christ, but I would never criticize people for using this website. Don't push people into you're believing you're right all the time because that's not what being a Christian is supposed to be about. We don't start arguements to prove God is real. We are a waiting army, as Christians, so learning to pick your battles is very important in order to win the war. These girls come here for solace, not to be told that they need a better option. It makes you look like a rude person, and I'm sure you're not like that in real life.?
If you think this site is so bad then leave. Otherwise, stay and meet new people and just enjoy the company of people who are on here.

I agree with you. I re read my post after i posted it and it sounded kinda rude. That is why i said i am nit judgeing anyone beacuse I am a sinner to. I only said somthing beacuse it makes me sad girls look for things like the articles this sites posts, there are much better alternitives. It makes me mad as well beacuse this sites articles bash christianity sometimes. There are some articles that are like "If you have a religion fourm dont bash us!" You no what i mean

this website's intended purpose is for girls to here searching for advice about their body, their sexuality, different ways to explore it, relationship advice, and it's a place where you can talk about your hobbies, share ideas, and talk about even more serious issues such as rape and eating disorder recovery, mental health, and child loss. You're generalizing and yes, you are judging. These girls can make their own decisions and if they want to come to this site looking for advice about their body AND their religion, don't get in their way. They have the freedom to practice their religion and learn about their sexuality, then that's what they can do. The sex ed classes in our schools don't teach you anything but abstinence and I don't think church is teaxhing them about their bodies the way they need to know it (I mean this by how your period works, how pregnancy works, etc.) And this site's intention isn't to attract people who want to talk about religion, it's a forum section so that you CAN talk about it. It's 2016 and girls are just as curious as boys and need to to know how to be curious safely and this is a website so that they can get advice from girls like themselves and those who have had many experiences with what they may be dealing with and they may be practicing christians while they're exploring and seeking advice. I don't know about you but many of the girls from my home town, some of which I'm related to, who claim to be christian have lost their virginity or gotten pregnant before marriage and maybe if they had a better sex education, they at least wouldn't be pregnant yet.

I know this is kind of an older post but oh well lol..

I feel like In some degree you are right, I never really thought about it. I mean I basically avoid the sex and fooling around section in this website though. I mean I only started going on this website because I had a question about this guy who I thought was going to ask me to a dance and whatever. But I feel like as long as you avoid the bad section it's fine. I'm Catholic and take my faith very seriously. I don't think you should be telling people they shouldn't be on this website though. But honestly I respect what you're saying and what you're trying to do. And I do agree, there is some pretty bad stuff on this website. But as long we don't do the bad stuff I think it's fine if we are on here. I mean I don't know >.<?

Thank you! At least someone understnds!

Why do you have the authority to tell your friends, or anyone else, what sites are and aren't ok? What right to you have to tell people how they should practise their faith?

For me, if faith is to have any value at all, it needs to exist in the real world and interact with the real world. It needs to confront other opinions, other ways of life, engage with them and learn from them. That's true faith. This blind insistence that people shut out anything that they might find challenging is not faith, it's brainwashing. How can people understand what they believe and why they should believe it when they have no experience of anything else? How can faith give you strength in hard times if you close your eyes and pretend none of the hard things even exist? Why should anyone respect your experiences and opinions when you don`t have the first clue about theirs and don't want to listen?

If you really have faith, have enough faith to engage with the world as it is, not as it is filtered through 'uplifting websites' in the knowledge that truth will win out and truth will not hurt your faith. If you're too afraid to do that, too afraid to let others do that, how much faith do you really have?

It's not very Christian of you to come in judging our website and telling people what a "real" Christian is....Like one of the primary messages of your religion is "Thou shalt not judge" -- only God has the right to judge people. Maybe some people have a different understanding/interpretation of the Bible and that's totally okay. I'm not religious, okay, but I can still see that much.

It's great that you're trying to help and I know your heart's in the right place, but the best thing you can do for the world is to accept people and love them no matter what. If you're telling people that they're sinners for talking about sex, or that they're bad people for being homosexual or having separate beliefs, etc, you're part of the reason thousands of people, like me, have chosen to leave their religions.

Remember that kindness, above all, is important, no matter what you believe:)


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