Is it possible to go into someone mind?

Okay last night I this weird dream where it had different level and all had to do this specific guy friend of mine I like, anyway ones of rooms was dark and this really scare and evil thing was inside of it,it was attacking me for some reason but I manage to get away, I woke up at 7:30 way earlier than I need to wake up especially only gotten 4 hours of sleep, anyway I checked the time where my guy friend work open it at 8am, so it made sense he would wake up at that, im thinking if somehow I got into his mind last night, cause yesterday I talked to a psychic and she said their a fear inside that stopping him to be a relationship

Hi taebadass, it's called ghost press. Some people feel like some one is pressing over after been into a deep sleep. You may feel like you are fighting against it, but actually not. I had felt that too. That happens when you are a lot stressed, confused, anxious about something before sleep. I think that is what you have mentioned here. However it is possible to get someone do whatever you want and that is called hypnotism.?

No, it's not possible. Dreams are a mix of random thoughts, experiences, and emotion that are all jumbled together to make really weird stories in your mind.


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