Does God really exist? Why do you really believe in him or why dont you belive in him?

I want to hear bout you guys because im curious. Im a "christian" raised in a small religion called seventh day adventist. We believe that the saturday is the real day to rest and worship God. But i want to know why some people dont. Believe in god and why do others do believe.

I honestly don't know. Seems like there good arguments for & against, though I admittedly have a hard time seeing any religion as the "right" one - doesn't mean they are necessarily "wrong" either just maybe different ways to connect to something beyond human understanding...

i am a christian was saved when i was 6 years old and i beleve in God whole heartedly. Im also the kind of person who doesnt beleve in somthing unless i see it and God new that. i have seen him not phisicly no one has beacuse it says in the bible you will be blinded beacuse hes so bright but in everyday life in my situations. i beleve in God beacuse i would be dead right now without him. trust me ive tried other things but each time God has shown me who he is and he is the way the truth and the life. i beleve we worship on sun. and your saved through Gods grace, in case you were woundering

I don't believe in God. I used to, but I'd pray and pray and nothing would ever happen. Sometimes, your prayers are answered and good things happen and people say it's a miracle, the work of God. But when bad things happen, they say, "Oh, it's just chance." *shrug* To me it's all chance, that makes more sense. Also explains evil in the world (why would there be evil from a good God? Some say it's Satan, but did God not create Lucifer? Did the all-knowing, all-seeing, perfect God create evil and allow it to bloom everywhere? I can't see that happening; it's not logical) and why the world is so crazy.

Also, you hear things such as, "If you don't believe in God you go to hell," and think, "What about all the atheist people who are kind? What happens to them?" Just...I would hate to worship someone who would send good people to suffer. It's not cool.

The other belief that makes no sense to me is that this is God's perfect creation...this world, it's not made logically. "Behold, my perfect creation! Also your main light source gives you cancer." :3

Randomness just, you know, makes more sense. Plus science has explained a lot of interactions with God as hallucinations, dreams, etc. So I truly don't know if there's enough evidence for me to believe. I'm not a faithful person, you understand...I want to have proof. :)

But hey, if you ARE religious, all power to you. Believe what's true to yourself. My truth is atheism; and kindness and helping people and animals, and not taking life too seriously. If yours is worshipping God and doing all the wonderful charitable stuff that often entails, that's awesome! Do what makes you happy, y'know? :D

Take care

I don't. I was raised Baptist and I've seen first hand too many ugly things that people who claim to be Christian/religious have done and I don't want to be a part of it. That and I don't believe anything in the Bible. I don't think I ever truly felt connected to any deity, I only thought I did as a child because that's what the adults told me was there. I hated going to church and my own family members disowned my brother for being gay in the name of Christianity. I get that religion is supposed to be just your reationship with God/a god, but I never really felt that. I only prayed because I didn't want to die during tornado warnings. I felt guilty for doing normal things like masturbating or thinking of something sexual or swearing, because I was afraid of going to Hell. I didn't see why I had to thank God for my accomplishments when I was the one who made them. I remember a woman who my mother worked with who went to the same church would call us on Sunday nights if we hadn't gone to church that morning saying "I didn't see you in chuuuurch", and it was annoying and creepy. When I finally completely accepted atheism, I never felt more free.?

This is very simple to me, and it has nothing to do with "good" or "bad': I don't believe in anything not supported by evidence. It would seem to me that everyone would be that way, but to each his/her own.

So, no, no way on the supernatural.

I really do believe in God.
Being from Romania makes me an Orthodox that loves God and really respects religion.
I do believe in God because I went to a lot of monasteries, saw a lot of the things that He had done and also because I feel like He helped me and my family when we asked for it. I have so many arguments that I just can't fit in here.

I think part of the beauty in beliving in Jesus is that we *don't* know why we believe in Him! But that's not a good answer.?
I think there's a lot of archaeological evidence for the origins of the Abrahamic religions, and the life of Jesus. I think the Bible has to be taken in histroical context, and we have to acknowldge that it is a historical account that has been written and rewritten so many times. Thus, we have to accept that just like today's history books, some things are missing or skimmed over or ignored or added by individuals. This does not make it any more or less the Word of God, and a historical account of our Saviour, but it must be taken with a grain of salt and common sense. Okay, Bible rant over. I believe in God and Jesus Christ because I can feel Him in my life and I choose to need Him in my life. Still not a great answer, but whatever. Nikola Tesla believed in God too, and he was pretty awesome ;)


Yes and also a lot of scientists believed through the time that the was something, or someone powerful, but they couldn't explain what exactly it is.

Science hasn't actually proven God's existence.. As some state, if there's evil in the world... Did God create it? Or the Devil? I say it's neither. What really makes one evil is their decisions and morals...?

God can't exist, too, since it goes against all evolution theories.?

So, as a woman of science, I can't believe in such things like God and Jesus...

Yet I celebrate Christmas.. Fascinating..

The way i think about it is, that we are spinning on a giant rock flying through space at 60000 mph and we all exist on this planet. We have conscousness, faith, minds, and complext interactions within ourselves, and with each other. Before all things existed, someething had to trandscend beyong Time, Space, and Matter. Some how information needed to come into being, and I believe He is a loving caring God, who spun the universe into motion.?Idk for me personally, i believe it makes more sense that somehing created the world, rather then a comsic type mishap that occured by chance.?

I believe in the Universe. To me the Universe is God. God is Love and God is the Universe. Whenever I trust in the universe and in god and take my ego out of the equation and focus on love, miracles happen. That's where I am right now in my spiritual journey.

I believe he exists. I believe certain things about him, but I don't believe he cares about Earth or his "creation". There's a reason things that happened in the bible haven't happened in so long, and besides, those events were told the way God wanted them told. But that's just how I see it.?

I so believe God exists, this earth and other planets cannot just exist without a creator or designer? I have not lost my mind to the point of not acknowledging the presence of God on earth.


If you had read your Bible with meaning and open heart, I'm sure you would not have concluded that way, rejecting the God our creator at this hour is calamitous, that's why I have decided to hold unto him and believe him even while in the storm...


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