I don't know what I believe. Am I an atheist?

I am confused about my sprituality. I am being raised in a not overly religious household although my mom was raised in the Methodist church. I was never taught about god or anything like that. I know that we had to come from somewhere but I don't know where.  I just know it didn't happen by chance. I question whether or not there really is a god and if he really does exist, does he listen. It just seems like everything bad happens to good people while bad people go unpunished. Am I alone in how I feel? Am I an atheist? What do atheists believe?  Ifnamyone can shed thoughts that would be great. 

You are definitely not alone. I think that almost everyone goes through some stage of confusion regarding where we come from, purpose of life, etc. 
As for your question of whether or not you are an atheist, you are really the only one who can answer that. An atheist is someone who does not believe in God/gods. From what you wrote here, it seems like you aren't quite sure what you believe/don't believe...that's ok. My suggestion is to do as much research as you can; that's the only way to find out what you believe and don't believe. 
I'm here if you ever want someone to talk to. ;)

Right now you sound like you are agnostic (a person who doesn't believe in God but doesn't disbelieve in God either believes everything is unknown and can't be known) but only you can answer that. I used to call myself agnostic mostly because I knew a lot of atheists who were just as much assholes as religious people but now I'm a proud atheist and even have an atheist tattoo right over my heart. You definately aren't alone in how you feel (which is why agnosticism is even a thing. My mom calls herself agnostic she was raised religously but my parents didn't raise us relgiously she would like to believe there is a God and an afterlife but she just isn't sure any more and has doubts. Atheists don't believe one thing as a whole. The only thing atheists actually have in common is their disbelief in God. Though normally atheists believe in science such as the the big bang theory and the theory of evoloution (as far as how we got here). 

You sound agnostic and you so are lots of people! A lot of people are athiests and a lot of people are religious. There will be people who try to come along and tell you what to believe but only you will be able to answer that. It takes time for some people. I think most people feel that the world is an unfair place regardless of what they believe. Just like Scuzz mentioned there are different types of athiests, there are also many different types of religious people. Just take your time to learn about things and you'll find your beliefs! :)

Like others said, you technically sound agnostic... There are so many religions it's really tough and confusing, I know. I'm in your shoes too. I want believe and I want to find God... and you know, hoping there is one. I'm hoping something changes and I feel that he's there so I can get a true understanding and become a true believer. Maybe it'll come with time. Best of luck.

Athiests believe that there is nothing. I wouldnt say there is nothing. DO NOT LABEL yourself. Just go on exploring and learning about science. Science will tell you a lot about where we come from.. Dont get hung up on not being a Christian. BE GRATEFUL that you got to this point. You are an exceptional person

Yes God is always there listining. no i dont think your an athiest u just have alot of questions. i beleve in god whole heartidly and the only reason i come on this site is to share and whitness in this coulom. if you want me to answer questions for you message me. not on here though.http://youtu.be/SlfNM4hgOk4

hello candicelayla,
everyone has to journey to God in their own  way. the purpose of life is to know our Creator and to find out what He wants from us and then to live out His commands 'and prohibitions. He exists and He is the All Hearing, All Seeing. Just by you posting here is a sign that you sincerely wish to know ("if", in your case) who and what He is. that is great. most people don't even wish to take THAT first step towards faith. you rock! Almighty God is the Most Merciful and the Most Just. that's what this life's about - who is best in faith and conduct. it's all a test that we must pass for Almighty God's sake. He wouldn't have created all of this without a purpose. Surely we have reason to believe He exists because we did not create ourselves nor the universe and we cannot determine when or where we will die. we cannot make the sun and moon rise or fall, etc. there's gotta be a higher power. He is alone without partners or sons, and He is not the offspring of anyone. He is too Majestic and Powerful for any of those notions. The good things that happen to bad people could be a test from Allah to see if they will ever turn back to Him and repent for the wrong that they've done or if they will be grateful, and the bad things happening to good people could be a test to see if they will stay strong in their faith to Allah regardless. Will they transgress to their days of ignorance? or will they stay strong for God's sake and patiently persevere?


As others have said, don't rush to label yourself. You are asking the Important Questions, and shouldn't accept the first or the most convenient answers, just the right ones. Read. Listen to informed views on all sides. Make your own decisions. 

Agnostic:Belief in a higher power and a creator, but not nesssarily belief in the bibles god and the story of jesus ect.
Atheist:The belief that there is no higher power or creator. Some believe in the big bang theory and evolution, mostly scientific based reasoning on how we became to be so complex. If youre interested in that view read RIchard Dawkins book "The God Delusion". Its an amazing read for someone whos comfused and even if you dont agree with it all it can give you and entirely new perspective on how we came to be such amazingly complex people.
Personally i am an atheist, for various reasons (Message me if you want to ask me some questions that you may have like "How can we have so much diversity in species and plants ect, if there was nobody to create it?")
Dont rush into a label though because youre young, you have more than enough time to formulate your opinion on it. You have to choose what makes you happy:)

You could very well be ?a beginner in faith .you start out rocky unsure,but the fact that your curious ,seeking answers to your questions makes you a beginner .now you just choose what you'll listen to,believe,and the biggy who you'll have faith in ,there's many religions but only one truth. You have to find that for yourself .


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