When I pray I don't feel it anymore. Is this normal?

So I was raised in a Christian family. Growing up I was force fed religion so much so that I couldn't stand it. In high school I kinda drifted away from it. my junior year I got involved with a super spiritual young man who kinda made me turn from it more because his church took up all his time, which at the time really upset me (I now know that it was because i was jealous of his church life). Ironically enough him leaving Me is what ended up bringing me closer to God and here I am. Two months ago he viciously dumped me. I started experiencing all these weird changes in myself regarding how I felt and who I was. One day, literally almost overnight I woke up and felt a strong desire to get to know God. I started reading the bible and openly discussing God with my peers. Eventually I got to praying and that's where I felt like I hit a wall. When I was younger and used to pray it came natural to me. I felt like my heart was in it even though I wasn't trying. I stopped praying for a while and now that I've started again when I pray the best way to describe it is that I feel like I'm just saying words. As I pray out loud my mind is still racing in the background, often with sinful thoughts and my prayers just feel like....words. I'll like pray, and I can't even get through the entire prayer without my brain getting distracted by something else on my mind, and drifting off. Because of this I often get discouraged after I pray, and some nights I don't even bother praying because I feel that if my heart isn't in it my prayers won't be heard. I'm 17 btw.

I think I know where you're coming from. God, the Bible etc can be confusing. It all happen so long ago. Don't feel like knowing everything about being a christian means you're christian. It is normal to question things. Don't feel like God is not listening when your prayers do not come out right. He knows what is on your mind. We all have our struggles and days when we mess up. God loves you and knows life is hard.  God knows what is in your heart. Someone could pray an amazing praryer, but it is meaningless if the words are not true of themselves. If you have anymore questions message me ok.

I feel the exact same way as you sometimes! But I try to think of it as just having a conversation with a friend it takes the pressure of having the "perfect prayer". And just saying how I honestly felt because even though I was raised in a Christian family I still didn't know how to pray. But just talk as you would with a close friend, he knows how your feeling he would appreciate your effort even if you talk to him for a minute. Hope this helped 

Hey, I know this post is a little old, but I had the exact same thing. Are you Catholic or do you recite prayers? I myself am a reformed presbyterian and I had this problem not that long ago. What I found to be helpful was instead of thinking of it like I had to be completely formal and address Him in some proper way. I found the same thing as Myacoco . Just talking to God as like a close friend, because He is one! You don't have to have a clear purpose to your prayer, God know's what you're thinking and I've found if you just pray what you're genuinely thinking, it wil feel much more natural and refreshing. Hope it helps :)?

I agree with the two before me prayer feels like more of a conversation to me now. I have totally encountered your problem before and just talking to God like a friend and not trying to make this well thought prayer just makes it flow more sort like a conversation.


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