Is sex before marriage bad?

My guy friend and I have opposing views on this. He was raised Christian and strongly believes that sex before marriage is a sin. I wasn't raised Christian, but I have always been interested in it and recently devoted myself to Christianity. I don't feel that sex before marriage is a sin.

To me, if you're engaged to the person or you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with that person (BOTH of you can see that happening) then I don't think it's bad to have sex before marriage.

He disagrees.


It really comes down to what you personally believe....but also what your faith teaches.  Many Christians do believe that it is a sin, so you either follow that or not.  I am not religious myself, so I don't think it is bad.

Sex is a big subject with Christianity. IMO sex is a wonderul thing two people who truly love each other should do together. God designed our bodies to have those feelings so of course it is good for us. The issue with sex  before marriage is if the love for each other is legit. God does not want us to share these moments with a person we may never see again or aren't truly in love with. A married couple share an intimate bond. It is best to wait. Hard to hear, but it is best.

I'm a proud atheist. I like sex. You have to be safe about sex but I don't see a problem with having it even with people you aren't in love with. I'm glad I waited 8 months into my 1st boyfriend relationship to have sex and waited until I was almost 18? (I think I was still 17 can't remember). I've been masturbating since I was like 13 though. I thought I was going to be with my 1st boyfriend for ever we were together for over 3 and a half years (when he broke up with me out of the blue essentially to be like his guy friends and be able to have sex with other girls) We still remained best friends and FWB for 7 months afterwords in which time we also had 2 threesomes each time with a different one of his guy friends. I also had a one night stand with a guy I just met at a music festival. Finally I met my current boyfriend and we had sex before we even started dating the 1st time we met each other haha. We have now been dating over a year and I love him and could also see us being together forever. I don't regret any of them. I wouldn't wait till after marriage to have sex. The only real reason people wait is religious reasons so I wouldn't be with a person like that to begin with. It is personal beliefs it is up to you if you are willing to go along with that. Honestly I think that is one of the reasons religious couples get married so young. Then they end up getting divorced anyhow or end up unhappy.

I personally believe sex before marriage is a sin, simply because I feel convicted of it. I DO. Some things you must seek the answers in prayer. I'm a very happy, sexual person who masturbates and loves being a sexual human being. However, I don't have sex and don't plan to until I'm married. I just feel that's what God wants me to do. Does it suck? Hell yeah, but it has also saved me from having sex with some dudes I would've totally kicked my ass for screwing later. 

TO "See yourself with somone for the rest of your life" is very immature and impossible. One should never do that. You are giving into an illusion. We are changing every moment of every day. The most important thing is to RECOGNIZE when you feel disharmony. Disharmony comes in a variety of ways. If he has christian guilt (which is what christianity does, scare tactics) for lust and sex, and you dont... that is disharmony. Let him go. Youre not on the same wavelength. Convincing him otherwise will just leave him feeling worse IF he does do something with you. It's sad.

i beleve that yes beacuse the bible says so and theres no lie in it. I do no that sex before marrige actully decreses your chance of having a good sex life with your husbend.


Yes it is a sin that's if you look from the religious point of view it is a sin .but really it has your best interest at heart especially us females I mean males find it easy to jump from girl to girl and have unmeaningful sex but women can get pregnant,attached because let's face it were more emotional then males it's what we're built with .we can't do the no strings attached because most likely there will be strings even if we didn't plan for I'm waiting and at the end of the day that's a decision everyone has to make because if they're not commited to waiting they'll break before long.

what i dont get is that bible clearly says that sex before marriage is wrong so why are peopl still asking this question???? its not hidden its not written in parables its stated clearly. the bible says many are called but few are chosen. if you read the bilble and say this is not for you then cool do your thing but stop trying to twist the word or get advice from non-belivers about the christian faith cause they will say go do something when the bible clearly says dont....pray about it dear

I, personally think it's a sin (I'm Catholic btw). But not only is it a sin (in my opinion), to have it before marriage, I feel like sex has such a strong bond between two people and it's so intimate, I would only want to be that close with someone that I'm (hopefully) going to spend the rest of my life with. I mean yes there is a possibility of getting divorced and all that but honestly I don't want to have such a close bond with someone that I may never even seen again. Honestly though it's up to you. I'll personally be waiting until marriage until sex. Also it says in the bible that sex before marriage is a sin so... Idk do whatever want this is just my opinion on it :p

I guess you become a wine mom and own a plethora of vibrators and use them while you fantasize about the handsome, younger gardener or John Stamos.

To the person who said woman can't have no-strings-attached sex: Tell me why I'm a woman who had relations with a man who I had no interest in romantically, only sexually? I did not develop feelings for him, I did not want to be in a relationship with him. I just enjoyed the things we did. Also, to the person who said it "decreases your sex life with your future husband" my sex life with my current partner is a lot better than with my previous partner, so that is false.?

I consider myself a Christian, however, I also believe that sex is part of a healthy relationship whether you're married to the person or not. I do not feel guilty for having sex with my boyfriend, nor do I feel guilty for having sex with people I was not romantically involved with. I feel that there are far worse things you can do than have sex before you're married. If you choose to stay abstinent until marriage that is your personal choice, just like me choosing to have sex with my partner before we're married is my personal choice.

Ok..the world is changing and sex before marriage seems become a norm...but to sorry..just no!

No it is not please please do not believe these crazy religions people, in not saying it's fine to bang everyone to you see but it is NOT a sin do what you feel is right not what the Bible sais not what peiole tell you about it being wrong. Not by having christians bash you because they think it's wrong. You do you. This is what kills me the most when people say it's wrong because they are brainwashed by religion, they just have a really sad sex life. Have fun with sex while you can before your restricted with one person?


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