Homosexuality and God??

I am a seventh day adventist and we believe strongly that homosexuaity is a sin. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of bisexual and gay friends and they are awesome but I just don't believe they will be in heaven. like even though I am against being gay I still want them to have equal rights. I mean not a religious union with a priest or preacher but a political document. Is that wrong? I dont know if I should be completly against it or not. I believe strongly in god but I also believe strongly in equlity. I feel very conflicted about it. 

I have a partial answer. One is for Romans 1:26-27.

 To better understand Rom 1:26-27 we need to place it back into it's context. Why is Paul writing a letter to the Romans?

Paul intended to visit Rome, and he wanted the Christian church there to welcome him. But the Christians in Rome were a mix of both Jewish and Gentile converts who were often at each other's throats. Paul wants to promote harmony between these two warring factions, to bring them together, to unite them. But how is Paul going to accomplish this seemingly impossible task? How did Paul handle this matter? Pretty shrewdly. Paul's plan, an outline of his letter to the Romans, is:

    [*]First gain the sympathy of the Jewish Christians by seeming to side with their prejudices;
    [*]Then show that the Jewish Christians were as guilty as anyone else in breaking the Jewish Law;
    [*]Then argue that in Christ the Jewish Law was superseded and that, above all, purity issues in the Law do not matter; and thus incline the Jewish Christians to better acceptance of the Gentile Christians;
    [*]and finally, rebuke the Gentile Christians sharply for any smugness they might by then be feeling.

So, following this plan, Paul begins his letter by appearing to sympathize with the common Jewish feeling that the Gentiles are dirty. Those dirty Gentiles, they do all sorts of impure things, like having sex with other men.

But already by chapter 2 Paul turns the tables on the Jewish Christians and rejects their prejudices: 

"You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things." -Rom 2:1

Paul's ploy is to hook the Jewish Christians on their sense of superiority over the Gentile impurities, and then use this Jewish prejudice to teach his lesson about Christian community.

To insure the unity of believers was a major reason for Paul's writing. Paul insisted on faith and love as the things that really matter in Christ. Stop arguing about what's dirty or clean; stop disputing who's pure and impure; stop begin zealous in social prejudice and sexual self-righteousness; stop pitting heterosexual against homosexual; stop dividing and splintering the church over what does not matter in Christ.

In Romans, homogenitality serves merely as an instance of Gentile "uncleanness", judged by Jewish standards. Paul introduces this "uncleanness" precisely to make the point that such matters have no importance in Christ. The Letter to the Romans certainly does not consider homogenital acts to be sinful. Indeed, the success of Paul's letter to the Romans depends on this being so.

But we have a problem here. If you feel that homosexuality is OK then you've found the supporting argument you wanted and you'll stop here-just like the conservatives stopped when they found their supporting argument in Rom 1-26,27. But how do we know this is the right place to stop? Maybe there's more, and we should keep searching. Or should we? When do we stop searching? Perhaps our very method of "searching for an answer" is flawed. Perhaps "searching for an answer" by it's very nature can not give us a definitive answer, because we'll never know when to stop searching and be satisfied with what we've found so far.

A completely different, non-thinking approach, is to go the experience and feeling approach, for which I have this quote:

"Interestingly enough, authoritarian followers show a remarkable capacity for change IF they have some of the important experiences. For example, they are far less likely to have known a homosexual (or realized an acquaintance was homosexual) than most people. But if you look at the high RWAs who do know someone gay or lesbian, they are much less hostile toward homosexuals in general than most authoritarians are. Getting to know a homosexual usually makes one more accepting of homosexuals as a group. Personal experiences can make a lot of difference, which is a truly hopeful discovery. The problem is, most right-wing authoritarians won't willingly exit their small world and try to meet a gay. They're too afraid. And "coming out" to a high RWA acquaintance might have long-term beneficial effects on him, but it would likely carry some risks for the outgoing person."

--The Authoritarians
  by Bob Altemeyer
  Associate Professor
  Department of Psychology
  University of Manitoba
  Winnipeg, Canada
  pg. 61


Oh, and Betty Bowers has a wonderful humorous video:
Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

Religion sometimes is wrong. Many Christians in the 19th century in America used the Bible as "proof" that Black people were meant to be slaves. Ideas change and it's important to know yourself instead of following the herd. I am a Catholic myself, but I don't support some of the Vatican's stands on Homosexuality.

Dump it where it belongs: in the ancient times. Even the vatican finally decided to come over to 2014 and accept evolution.

disneyprincess:Religion sometimes is wrong. Many Christians in the 19th century in America used the Bible as "proof" that Black people were meant to be slaves. Ideas change and it's important to know yourself instead of following the herd. I am a Catholic myself, but I don't support some of the Vatican's stands on Homosexuality. 

I agree. I am a Catholic who identifies as bisexual. I have never been sexually intimate with either a boy or a girl; I am saving sex for a committed relationship or marriage as of now. I see my bisexual tendencies as something that makes me me, and God didn't make a mistake. I believe I can still achieve holiness even if I'm bi, just as I could if I were straight!

I think it's good when gay people are able to have legally recognized marriages because, well, who am I to prevent someone else from being happy? Since when should my beliefs dictate the way someone else lives their life? There are a lot of terrible things happening in this world, and instead of focusing on solving those problems we are preoccupied with who gets married to whom...think about the absurdity of that! We could be trying to stop wars, but instead we are trying to stop love...

Religion and beliefs can be complicated. I think that it's great that you don't let your beliefs on homosexuality dictate whether you should have gay/bi/whatever friends. :)

Jesus said ANYONE can come to the Father through me. There are plenty of Sina we commit everyday,  but do you still believe you will go to heaven? It's not our job to decide who can go to heaven, or which sins are more important than others

I'm SDA too!!
I too believe that homosexuals should have the freedom to have rights. They should be able to marry. I do believe God would give them what they wanted if things went they way they did in the Bible.
Although I don't agree with the choice, God gives us the freedom of choice. And it will be the consequnces of our choices that we will have to learn from.?

The quote from Leviticus that people have always used to fight gay rights is in the OT, but when you bring up the shellfish and mutliple fabrics in a single piece of clothing thing, suddenly the OT becomes irrelevant. I've never been able to understand that.

Hey! I attend a Baptist church here in Canada and my church's view is that it's all cool, as long as same-sex relationships are held to the same standard as opposite-sex relationships. We don't marry gay couples in the church as a church thing, however we don't say you can't be married or be part of the church. One of our ministers will even marry you outside of the church (like in your backyard or whatever), or give you names of others who will marry you in another church if you really want a church wedding. In other words, we're pretty chill. We also 'agree to disagree' if someone does happen to take issue. My personal view is the Bible said it was wrong because for 'man to lay with man' would be extramarrital sex and thus BAD (also at a time when having children was pretty much a civic duty it was considered important for men not to 'waste seed' - I'm an anthropology and religious studies major, for reference), and there was historical context for a lot of things (as WaterBaby said, the OT says a lot of things that are not longer relevant to today's society). Did this help? My answer kind of turned into a bit of a rant, sorry! <3

I'm in Christ and "Tuts" I agree with what you said on the end there,you get to choose ,in a way it shows how he loves us ,we're not under mind control ,but at the same time it's kinda a set up cause he knows our decisions won't be the best at times.(don't parents do this tactic sometimes ? Haha).But it says in the bible how he feels about homosexuality,gays, it's there ,there's no guessing .I don't hate people in these lifestyles or bash because I have no right to judge so I won't .But I can't support them either if I feel like it's wrong either ,that to me I s like leading you to your doom.I believe people when they say they can't help it ,liking the same sex or whatever .It can feel that way,though I have to believe god is strong enough to turn that untrue .

Facts from the bible:

Everyone sins, gay or not.
God loves everyone, gay or not.
Love thy neighbor, gay or not.
Treat others like you want to be treated, gay or not.

Everyone deserves love and kindness.


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