My mum doesn't understand my faith

So I'm a christian, my brothers are atheist and agnostic, my dad is a vicar and my mum is agnostic. I go to different church to the one that my dad preaches at and I absolutely love my church and everyone in it. I have made some really great friends through the church and events I've been to with the church. I do spend a lot of my day on Sunday hanging out with friends from church and during the holidays I do go to my friends houses a lot. The thing is my mum complains that I spend too much time doing "religious stuff". She is absolutely lovely and I am really close to her and have told her so many times that I don't like her putting my church friends in a seperate category to my other friends (she thinks religious people are a bit weird and I guess she doesn't want me to turn out like a super stereotypical religious freak). She complains I don't see my school friends enough which isn't true because I talk to them all the time and see them when I can in the holidays (it is hard though because I don't live that close to all of them). I've explained all this to her (that christians aren't weirdos, that my church friends are normal and are practically the same as my school friends...some are even friends with my school friends, and that I love God and I love going to church) and she still doesn't understand. It just really annoys me when she tries to tell me I shouldn't go to a weekend away my youth group are running, or I should come home early from church and not stay for the afternoon with my friends, or I shouldn't go on the scripture union holiday. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do?
I'd really appreciate it! x

I'd ask your dad if he could talk to your mom... Maybe he would be able to convince her to lay off of you a little bit. Props to you girl for striking out on your own and finding a church that fits you. 

I agree with another poster: Ask your dad to help you with this conversation. I would think that she would appreciate that religion is important to you having married a vicar. 


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