God Loves Gays!


I made a contribution! 
Just another way to stick it to the Westboro Baptist Church in their home town haha.
Also raising money for charities like The Trevor Project and the National Alliance to End Homelessness. 


God loves everyone :)
God hates sin!

Sin is FUN so god hates fun?


Parties are fun, music is fun, food is fun, amusement parks are fun, beaches are fun, vacations are fun, shopping is fun, friends are fun, making love is fun... Umm, what's the part God hates?

Sin hurts people, if you think hurting yourself or others is fun, you have problems.

That is so sweet and great, I really want a t-shirt that says that. I can only imagine someone raised christian with all these internal struggles, just hearing what a failure he/she is, seeing this billboard. I actually got a little teary-eyed. God really loves everyone.

Also, did you try going to the internet address on the bottom of the billboard? WTH? The comments also looked like not many people received their stuff, like the t-shirts and bumperstickers, hmm.

Omg this is amazing ;-; it needs to happen

God loves every single person on Earth. He loves gays, atheists, jews, hindus, Muslims, terrorists, sinners, believers, and every human being who walks the earth. We all sin. Just some of our sins are more obvious and visible than others. All sins are equal in God's eyes. I'm a mild kleptomaniac. But you'd never know by looking at me. One of my closest friends is gay and you can tell by looking at him. We all have sins and secrets. To God they're all equal. Maybe that makes us Christans hypocritical for trying to prevent gay marriage and the like, but I see it as trying to save others from what I perceive as sin.


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