My "Religion" Is Confusing Me

This probably isn't the typical question you'd find a religion category, but.. Whatever. Here it goes.
Everyone on my mom's side of the family are strong Catholics. My dad's side could care less. So it might make SOME sense that I should get to choose my religion, but that is not the case. I've asked my mom why, and she said I can't decide until I'm an adult (I'm 15 currently). Apparently I'm not even responsible/old enough to decide MY OWN RELIGION. The thing is that I've been pretending to sorta be a Catholic. I go to Mass and stuff, but I have never actually believed in God in my life. (That would make me an atheist in a sea of Catholics.) Many of my opinions are completely contrary to the Church's, such as views on abortion and women. I think the whole Adam and Eve thing is a load of BS (sorry, I don't mean to offend anyone). And I am SO confused because I have to go through Confirmation this coming year. Except I'm an atheist. I've had no interest in being a Catholic since I was little. My siblings just go along with my mom and frequently point out "oh yeah you're different, that's why you don't like church." I don't get it. Aren't I allowed to decide my own religion?
Most people just tell me to try talking to my mom, but she won't listen to me. I've already tried it. I told her, in very gentle terms, thatCatholicism is just "not for me". The result? She was so disappointed/angry that she wouldn't talk or be in the same room as me for weeks. I'm out of options. Do I just keep on with this sham of playing a make-believe Catholic? I'm really lost here. 

You should'nt keep on the charade of a Catholic if you don't believe in the religion. I understand your mother doesnt listen but you need to make her listen, ask your father for some help to convince her to let you decide. After all you are your own person and  in three years you are going to be 18 and offcially be an adult and to egin adulthood on a lie to please your mom wouldn't be worth it. Also you shouldn't feel bad about how your mother feels about you not wanting to be a Catholic, although you are her daughter you have a mind, and body that is your own and when it comes to your life and your choices, your mothers opinion is second and just believe in you. (unless its about a guy moms are usually right with that stuff lol) I hope my advice helps :)


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