Does everyone have a predetermined time, to die?

many today believe that when God created humans , he set a time for them to leave this world, , do you believe that is true, or what do you believe other wise, give me your thoughts.

I want all to have a respectful discussion, all thoughts  are  respected  so please no cursing or rudeness it is not neededand if you can not express yourself in a respectful manner towards others, please feel free to take your thoughts and opinions else where.

Thank you and have fun conversing ....WittyBee26

Yes and no? Is that a fair answer?

For example, I would generally say that you have an expiration date, so to speak. Look at something like childhood cancer: nearly all childhood cancers have a genetic component, which means that you were born with this extremely high probability that you'd develop cancer and, ultimately, that you could die from it. However, we also play a role in it. Let's stick with the idea of cancer. Some of it goes with getting older, but we  also choose to do things like drink alcohol and smoke and eat poor diets, and those also contribute to developing cancer. Or look at people who kill themselves. That's a mortal sin (at least by Christian standards). I hardly believe that God would have planned your life out for you to kill yourself. 

Does that make sense? I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I think we only get a set number of days, I believe we can make choices that lower the days.

Flamingoccm I understand what you were saying lol  and it makes alot of sense and your right God did not destin us to just die.  But lets see if we can get God's  take on this. 

To begin Lets see what's God view on Death itself. At Ezekiel 18:32 God says " I do not take any pleasure in the death of ANYONE". so we can see that God does not like the death of anyone. so the next question is , then Why do we die? do you think  that question, would be important to answer, before find out, if God predeteminds our life?

That verse just tells me that God isn't a sadist. lol

If you could live forever, would your days have greater value? Or do you feel that each moment is more precious because you know that you ultimately have a finite amount of time on Earth?

Flamingoccm, Im gonna take itmm that you dont really take the bible seriously lol. 

As to your next question. Im not sure I understand your questions but Im gonna try and answer question, to the best my ability.  I actually do believe that you can live forever,( thats another conversation lol ) but whether my days are numbers or are forever, I've always viewd my life as precious and witholding great value. 

What about you? do you think its possible to live forever? if so how so and if not , why not?

Why do you think that I don't take the Bible seriously? 

People who take pleasure out of other people's pain are, by definition, sadistic. The Bible verse you quoted states that God does not take PLEASURE out of the death of anyone. That simply tells me that God is not sadistic. Just because you don't enjoy something, it doesn't mean it isn't necessary. For example, I don't enjoy class sometimes, but that doesn't mean that it isn't necessary for me to attend. 

What about Ecclesiastes 3:2? "There is a time to be born, and a time to die."  
Is it possible to live forever? No, at least not in the literal sense. Why? I'm a nurse. I see dying people all the time. There are things over which we have control: our diet, how much we exercise, whether or not we smoke. There are also things over which we have no control: aging, genetics, environmental exposure, natural disasters, etc. For a thousand different reasons, death is a necesary part of life. I think that it's important to acknowledge and embrace that.

Flamingoccm, I hope I did not offend you. however I think it was your wording that made me think that. 
From your viewpoint, yes that would point to God not being a sadist, however the point of the scripture was to point out that if God does not like of find pleasure in those who are deemed wicked in his eyes, how much more so, does he not take please in someone who is righteous in his eyes. 

Ecc3:2 that is a very good point , lets take ake, for instance, Solomon's statement "a time to plant and a time to uproot what was planted," found at Ecclesiastes 3:2. Farmers know that for every crop, there is a right time for planting it. What if a farmer ignores that simple fact and plants a crop at the wrong time or season? Should he blame it on fate if he does not get a good harvest, even though he has worked hard on it? Of course not! He simply did not plant the crop at the right time. The farmer could have done well had he followed the natural order of things established by the Creator.
Thus, what God has set down is, not the fate of individuals or the outcome of all events, but certain principles that govern the operation of human affairs in line with his purpose. For humans to enjoy the result of their endeavors, they must discern and work in harmony with God's purpose and time. What is predetermined and unalterable is not the fate of individuals but what God has purposed to do. Through the prophet Isaiah, Jehovah declared: "My word that goes forth from my mouth . . . will not return to me without results, but it will certainly do that in which I have delighted, and it will have certain success in that for which I have sent it."-Isaiah 55:11.

As far as living forever are you familiar with Isaiah 25:8?

I don't believe anything is predetermined. Its just probability.

Illusione: thank you for responding, if you could please expound on why you feel it is probability.

I'm a bit confused with what you're getting at here. Yes: There is a time to plant and a time to uproot. If the farmer did not follow that time to plant, obviously it's not going to go well. It doesn't take god to tell you that...Doesn't this all go to what I said, though? 

As far as living forever are you familiar with Isaiah 25:8?

As far as Isaiah 25:8, are you familiar with Revelations? Because that entire book answers the "prophecy" of Isaiah 25:8, though most specifically Revelations 21:4 is almost a verbatim echo of Isaiah. 

Because most causes of death are the result of fundamentally random processes. Accidents, infectious diseases, even age related disorders all have an element of chance. You can reduce or increase the chances of dying from any given cause but there are no guarantees, and no set expiry dates.


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