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I´m pretty sure that´s not a true story. Judging by the youtube previews, the arguements are very weak on both sides, not what you would expect from a formidable professor. He has misunderstood Stephen Hawking entirely (Hawking´s book is about M theory, which postulates the existence of the multverse. It´s not circular reasoning, Hawking isn´t saying x exists because x exists, he´s saying x exists because every possible variable exists and therefore one of them must be x), and the laws of physics do not only allow for things to jump into existence, but requires them to (see quantum vacuum fluctuations and the Casmir effect). Also, I´m not entirely convinced I´d interpret ¨let there be light´as referring to the rapid expansion of a gravitational singularity. Especially as current theories suggest that immediately after the big bang, the 4 forces (strong nuclear, weak nuclear, electromagnetic and gravity) were unified, so electromagnetic radiation (i.e. light) wasn´t really a thing.   

Aside from the dodgy science, it seems to centre on an appeal to emotion (without God, morality is subjective and I don´t like it) and the cliche of the angry Atheist with unresolved childhood issues (in reality, the majority of us are pretty well adjusted).

I have no issue with your faith, eveyone is entitled to their beliefs, and I can´t tell you there is no god, or that you shouldn´t believe the bible, but if you´re going to insist you have proof and make scientific claims then you have to expect them to be questioned. 

This thread is a couple years old but I still feel like I should comment on it. Scuzz, your arguements are incorrect. Science has NOT proved modern day religions to be wrong. You cannot disprove a religion just like you cannot prove a religion is 100% correct. I believe in God but not because people have shoved beliefs down my throat. I have my own reasons to believe. If anything science and reasoning streghten my belief in God. Science  and archaeoology have proven events in the Bible have actually happened. (I'm not going to get into the details because if you are truly curious you can look it up yourself). Also, higher level reasoner says everything happens for a reason. Everything has a cause. In order for our universe to exist something outside of time would of had to start it. Some kind of Creator. I would rather believe in a God and find out there isn't one than not believe in a God and find out there is one. If I believe in God and find out there isn't one, nothing happens to me. If I don't believe in God and find out after I die there is one, then what? What happens to me? I'm not trying to make you believe but there is nothing wrong with believing. Stop saying we are illogical and only believe what we are told. That is not true at all. All of us have our reasons. Science is your reason not to believe? Well science is one of my reasons to believe. 

Of course there are probably things in the bible that are historically acurate and actually happened etc. Just all the important things that have to do with the basis of the reiligion didn't happen. Such as all human beings came from Adam and Eve (and the the talking snake?), or that the earth was flooded but some dude built a ship big enough and took a male and female of every species to repopulate the earth, or that some dude split open a sea, or walked on water, or turned water from wine, or that there is a heaven in the clouds and a hell underground, or dinosaurs didn't exist etc.

You still haven't answered any of my questions why do you believe in the particular god and religion that you do? You keep saying you have reasons but don't say any of them so I'm guessing you either grew up with it (brainwashed/shoved down your throat) or you have gone through fucked up things in your life and used its guidelines to turn your life around or you do it out of fear (which I think most people do now days). "I would rather believe in a God and find out there isn't one than not believe in a God and find out there is one." That right there says you only "believe" out of fear but if God was real and this all knowing being he would know you aren't genuine in your beliefs.

Well, I don't believe in them. I am an Orthodox.
I am from Romania and since you are a baby parents and grandparents tell you to kiss the icon, to learn some prayers and stuff like that.
I don't believe in mythologies mainly because Romanian mythology does not have any Gods. We kind of were Christians since the very begging and yeah.
I love mythology in the way that is something really interesting to study about, to learn how people used to think back then: it's something absolutely fascinating.
But now to answer your question: I believe in it because I have seen what God has done (his wonders). I felt incredible things when I went to different monasteries and I know that He helped me and my family when we asked for it (esp. my dad, he had a BIG problem some years ago and we were really worried about him, but in the end after the treatment he was told that he does not have that problem anymore (this after we went to a lot of monasteries in our country, him going to Greece to Athos and a lot of prayers)).
Why do I think my religion is the right one? I just feel it. I know that we have seen the most wonders made by God, that we have been peaceful (like not starting a war, just protecting ourselves if we were attacked, like by the Ottoman Empire) and other things. I just know it.

As a Christian anthropology major with a minor in comparitive religion, its probably my place to answer this. But I can't. I don't know why I believe in God above all else, beyond that to me it feels right. I was not raised into Christianity, simply to believe what I wanted to if I wanted to believe anything at all. People can say it's all in my head - despite there being actual archaeological evidence for a lot of the Bible, and the basis for Abrahamic religions in general, however that's not my point - but why is it anymore absurd for me to believe in Jesus, than Zeus & Co? Or nothing at all? Say each is just as valid as each other, why should I not have the choice of believing whatever I want? If it's real to me, then that's all that is important is it not? Yes, I have to acknowledge my bias in academia, but that's no different than acknowledging my bias as a citizen of the Western world. I think part of the beauty of Jesus is not knowing *why* I believe in Him, just that I do.?
TL;DR: I've no idea, it feels right to me, and that's that. Everyone has the right to believe what they want, and they don't need a reason :)
This was an awful answer, but hey, I tried :P

I believe in general but I don't know about every single detail. I go to church sometimes (I will go next week for Easter for example) and my family says prayers before meals sometimes. But, I am not very focused on the details my personal belief is that the Bible is not literal. I don't think people can really know the nature of God, I don't think we're capable. Like imagine if germs tried to describe the history of Europe, I think that is like us writing a Bible or trying to understand God.

Because I pray and feel so close to God. The ancient religions have nothing to support with while through reading bible,I know god existed and Jesus really sacrificed for us because it is recorded!

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