I dont know what I believe! Help me please

I want to believe in god and be committed to a religion very badly! I think faith is a great thing to have. But i just cant bring myself to believe. I dont know if maybe I just havent found the right religion yet, or maybe I'm not educated enough in the ones I have heard of. I'm very open minded so any tips, advice, info, or help is greatly appreciated!(:

I can understand. I didn't need to commit to a religion, but everything else. Eventually I settled on agnostic theism, which is to say that while I think that whether God exists or not is an unknown, I choose to believe in him (her? them?). If you feel the need to have a more general religion like Christianity or Judaism, then great for you for finding that connection, but I really think spirituality is relative to the individual, and it doesn't have to be a mainstream thing.

No one can really help you with this beliefs are a personal thing. Beliefs especially evolving religion and spirtuality are really just feelings you commit too without having proof essentially. As a proud atheist I could start to rant on about why more and more people feel the way you do but I won't haha.

Maybe try a Unitarian church. Or a Unity church. Or some not strictly Christian church.

Christianity is either going to change or die. My guess is when people realize the entire Jesus story is an astrotheological allegory, Christianity will change.

It's all explained at:
and it's a secret that's been known for over 200 years. (Finally the Jesus story makes sense!)

I don't know your past experiences with churches, but if you're in high school, see if there is a local youth group you can visit. I'm a Christian, but I think finding the right church to get plugged into can be difficult. There are so many different denominations. The church that I go to is non denominational and it's very relaxed. (The pastor sometimes wears jeans and a t-shirt. There are many different people there with different pasts.) If you're not comfortable with just going to a random church, just try reading the Bible and see what it's all about.

My faith in Jesus has become something that's affecting every aspect of my life. I hope you can find a place where you're comfortable and engaged.


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