Do you believe in it, or no? What are your thoughts? :)

Yea I personally do also belive in karama.

Yes, I believe in reincarnation.  I believe that everything in the Universe vibrates with an energy, including living beings.  When the physical body dies, that vibrational energy is still there.  It makes sense to me that it would move on somehow, possibly attaching itself to a new life.

Well I use to not believing in it but until I started dreaming about someone I never seen before and I read more about it even though my religion don't believe in it

Up in the air on it. I believe in karma but I guess for other stuff I will have to wait until my time comes to really find out.

Yes, I do.. my religion believes in theory of karma, reincarnation etc

I believe in reincarnation. But I believe that how you live today has something to do with how you have lived in the past or possibly the future. Think about a fear that you have that you can't explain. For example I have a fear of pain. I can do anything at all but the end result terrifies me. Its no ordinary fear. That leads me to believe that in a past life I could have been put through a lot of pain and now I'm very wary of it. Its just a theory, but thinking about what quirky habits you have and how they could relate to a life you once lived is a really amazing way to waste your time. :}

Yes! Although I don't follow a specific set of religous beleifs, I do beleive that our spirits or souls don't ever die, and continue through different bodies and "lives" until we reach enlightenment. I think we learn from our past lives, even if we don't remember any specific thing about them.


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