Reasons to ban gay marriage


I have never heard a good logical argument aganist gay marriage.

If someone is against gay marriage, I always ask them when the chose to be straight. There are always going to be people who are accepting and others who are not.


I'm honestly hoping this was posted to show these reasons are stupid or just as a bad joke.

oneandonly4:I'm honestly hoping this was posted to show these reasons are stupid or just as a bad joke.

Of course it's a joke to say how stupid anti-gay laws are.

oneandonly4:I'm honestly hoping this was posted to show these reasons are stupid or just as a bad joke.

Well golly gee gimminy bob.

Haha, this is a good one. While I admit that there can and should be a discussion of whether gay people can "marry" or should instead be able to enter into civil "unions", I still think homosexuals should be given the chance to live together with their SO not only in reality, but also in the eyes of the law. As regards marriage - the definition of "marriage" in many places is the union of a man and a woman, who are expected to have children and be a family. At least, that's the expectation in countries that are majority Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. Abrahamic religions. And that's fine - you can keep the definition like that. And gay people can have "unions", which are basically the same but with a different name and maybe a few different legal details.

So, if two elderly people want to get married, they have to instead have a "union"? After all, they can't have children. What about couples who have known fertility problems or can't have children? Or couples who don't want children? Not to mention that gay couples ARE able to have children, and do. What about atheist couples?

No, a "union" is not the same as marriage. These are not abstract people... they are our equals and deserve equal rights, including the right to marry. Not something "like marriage", but actual, full-fledged marriage.

There is not a single non-religious reason why they should not have the same rights as everyone else. There's nothing to "discuss". It's a no-brainer.

Hilarious XD Thanks for sharing

I didn't even finish reading this because it's so ignorant. People have feelings. People love. Love is not about what the person looks like, what race they are,what gender they are,love is love. Everyone should be able to marry who they want. And if being gay isn't natural, why do we feel it? And glasses and polyester are not even comparable to this subject.

Oops, sorry! I didn't post that last comment... my friend did ^^; I know it's a joke.

No worries MomoMomone, I didn't read the whole thing at first either and I was about to post a comment like, "Well that's ignorant," and then I read the other comments -- "HOW IS THIS FUNNY?!" -- *scrolls up* Oh.

what doesn interracial marriage have to do with gay marriage...we should show this picture to all the slave and plantation owners in the 1970s and tell them to stop procreating with their slaves...


I completely agree! It's not just about legal rights and benefits, it's about people bring treated as equals. Marriage is very important to many people. A union just isn't the same.

I just don't think there are any reasons same sex couples shouldn't have the right to marry.

I don't care how much hate I get for this - I don't agree with gay marriage. Yes, be gay, you don't chose it I get that, just marriage was meant in the Bible for man and woman to go forth and have children. You can't do that if you're homosexual so you shouldn't be able to marry in a church. Just my opinion - by all means be together, just don't marry under Church laws.

The church doesn't have the monopoly on marriage. Religious ministers can act according to their own principles on which ceremonies they do or don't bless, but they don't get to define marriage as an institution.

@GothicEmoChick -- In my opinion, marriage is about much more than having children. I think it's also about sealing the bond between a couple and giving them the fuel to live the rest of their lives together. It strengthens a relationship if said relationship is right for them. Everyone should have the right to that kind of bond, no matter who they love. If the Bible disagrees with that...well, that just shows that there are a few problems with religious values.
Just my opinion.

Just my religious beliefs.

It is none of anyone's buisness to intrude in one's love long as nobody is getting harmed and the relationship is consensual I see no reason why gay marriages should be banned. If somebody really believes that gay marriages are wrong and to be banned I think they point towards the insecurities of their own beliefs. That they are secretely afraid of gays. If being gay was really wrong then they did not need to radical because right always truimphs wrong but all these people are afraid of just something new that seem to question their set of rules and regulations about how life should be but life is never certain and can never be governed by definate principles!!. Love is pure and universal and can exist in any form, any relationship.

Didn't even read the whole thing.
I guess you're one of those praise the bible and the Lord christians and no I'm not offending the religion, everyone knows there are people like that, but not everyone is.
So who are you exactly to say whether gay marriage should be banned or not? Like these people choose who they like. It happens, it's none of your or everyone's business to judge people by their sexuality. Gays and lesbians are people too and they're no lower or higher than us. We're equal.

Maybe the title of the list should have included like... (a joke) at the end or something? Cuz lots of the comments say "didn't even get past #1" and then go on to comment about it. The list is obviously a joke, and the further down you read, the more obvious it is. It's justshooting downall the arguments people have ever given against gay marriage.

But to the people who comment about religion in connection with marriage, I have to say marriage isn't limited to churches. You can have a ceremony with a political official too. My aunt and her boyfriend were married by the mayor. Nice and legal. No church involved.

Clearly this is a joke, a good one too LOL

I've heard once that if you are Satanic, you care about and are nice to lesbians, gays, and transgenders and also I've heard that  Christians think it's wrong to be homosexual or transgender.    Satanists also do murder and commence rituals on a black cat to have Satan rise from Hell. While Christians are the ones who sing Christmas carols, pray to Jesus or God, and read the bible. 

So are Satanists always bad/devilous and are Christian people really intolerant to homosexuals and transgenders (Cause I've heard of a Satan that's actually good,  and those Satanists probably believe that.) (Plus my parents,  me, and a bunch of others in New Hampshire are really tolerant to homosexuals and transgenders, and we are Christians.)

There is quite literally no non-Christan arguement against gay marriage, I say this as a Christian. Honestly, I'm not in love with the idea of gay marriage and I never will be. But I would like to say this, in my opinion there are far more crucial issues in america than gay marriage that we need to focus on. Even if I don't nessecarily agree with it can we just legalize this S.O.B and get it over with and move on to far more important issues? Seriously! Can the government just butt out of people's personal lives and let us live our lives our way?


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