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I am a Christian, and have given my life to God. Christians and Catholics follow the same path sort of, so that's why I also need Catholic input. Is it unholy to date/marry out of our religion? Just wondering, so I don't go to hell.

I am a Christian and I think I can help.
1. So glad you follow Christ!😄
2. You CAN marry an unChristian man. However, it strongly advise that you 'donot yoke anything, but the same.' Your husband will influence you a LOT. So I'd go with Christian.😃

Hiya :)
I think that it's important to not rule anyone out just because they don't perhaps share your beliefs but I also agree with  SouthernNerd, your husband or boyfriend will have a lot of influence over you so it's probably best to not be with someone who may detract you from or drag you away from your relationship with God. 


First things first: Catholics came first, so technically Protestants "sort of" follow the same path as Catholics lol. Second of all, they're all Christians. All of them. The term for non-Catholic Chistians is "Protestant."

Date? No, of course not.

Marry? It's really a tough question to answer. It's not like you're going to go to hell over it. To be clear, it's not a sin to marry someone who is not also Catholic.  In order to be married in the church (and I did look this up), both partners must be baptized Christians, though they don't both need to be Catholic. For a non-Christian to marry a Catholic, "express permission is required from his or her bishop." It really comes down to your values. As much as I'm not particularly religious myself, I think that I would likely have a hard time marrying someone who is not Christian (and probably someone who is not Catholic, to be honest) because my family is quite religious and that is something they value strongly. That's not to say that I don't think that non-Chistians are "bad" people or that you need religion to be a "good" person. However, I find that there are things that people who aren't Catholic (even among fellow Christians) just don't seem to get or appreciate (which I'm not going to go into). 

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and I'm sure you know that the church does not recognize divorce. When you marry someone, you need to know that this is something you must take seriously. There are so many decisions in life, from major health decisions to parenting to who is going to do the dishes, that can actually become a really big deal when you don't share similar values. Ultimately, I don't think it's about which form of mass you like attending as much as it's about the values you share.

Well, Catholics can give their life to God too. I think what matters the most is sharing the bond of having a relationship with God more than what your specific religions are. Marry someone who will honor God and who you love! I think it's important to marry someone who at least is on somewhat of the same wavelength as far as what you believe goes. It doesn't have to be 100% identical thoguht. Who is to say that God loves one religion more than the other? Don't worry too much and maybe finding a non-denominational church would help! 

Good luck!! :)

Feel free to have relationships with people of other faiths. I'm all about that; however, if the relationship becomes serious enough to where children may be born, there needs to be some serious discussion about what religion you will raise him/her in (if any at all.) 

Mostly, I replied to this post because it offends me as a Catholic to be separated from Christians. If you want to diffrentiate, then please say Protestants/Catholics not Christians/Catholics. This perpetrates the belief of Catholics not believing in Christ, which is super annoying having to explain we do not worship Mary as a goddess. 

Anyway, good luck in the pursuit of love.

I believe that the choice is yours and simply between you and God. Personally I believe it is fine, but you will be influenced by your partner just as much as you will influence them.

I'm glad you're following Christ :) 
I think you can marry or go out with whoever you want to. Jesus taught us to love our neighbour so we can fall in love with whoever we want. You can obviously try and show your partner christianity and see if he would like to try and follow too (this is what a lot of my friends have done) but ultimately, you can't force them because the Lord gave us free will.

You will probably encounter some problems like (if he is from a different religion) which wedding ceremony you will have, if you have children what religion will they be and also the problem of how far to go (whether he wants to wait till marriage). But if you really love each other these shouldn't be too bad.

God does not for one moment want you to be unhappy and if he/she makes you happy then of course God would want you to be together. I  suggest you pray about it and see if God sends you any signs. 

Good Luck!! xx

Of course you can date but sometimes it can be hard because boys might want to push you too far, so you just have to be careful. I wouls suggest just dating christian guys as you're quite new to christianity and dating non religious or of another religion boys might lead you to do some things that you don't want to.

I'm Catholic it isnt unholy to date/marry to someone that isnt in your religion, My sister and my parents got married when my father and brother in law weren't catholic but they switch to catholicism

According to the scriptures, relationships are very important, and faith does matter. - See more at:

Blush:to your orginal quesiton, for christians 1 Cor 7:39 brings out to Marry in the Lord' what does that mean? well if  you serve God and try and to live up to his standards, you want to marry someone with the same viewpoint as you, Ex:  you believe that you will Go to hell or heaven, I don't so would it be wise on your part  to marry me due to my belief system we do not have the same view of heaven or hell? and although we may similiar views on somethings  I would think that you would want to be someone that you could share everything with, including your beliefs,if you marry someone who is not of the faith as you, not saying that you would fight, but you wouldnt see eye to eye about alot of things, so could your relationship truly flourish when theres not exact unity in thought and in mindset about God?

my next question is, why would a loving God send you to fiery hell, in general? and I would like to understand more fully, what would be the basis of  a person going t hell in the first place? 

A lot of people have given a good answer to this, but here is my input. I live in the south and am a catholic altar server. I serve for a lot of weddings and about half of them are convalidations. That's where either the bride, or the groom, or both weren't catholic when they were married, but now that they are married they pretty much have a second wedding asking the church to bless their marriage. Down here in the south Catholicism isn't the main religion, I think baptists have the majority here, so a lot of people marry outside their religion, but just as many people convert to catholisim. At our church alone we baptized over 200 people on holy Saturday last year... Sorry, I'm getting off topic a little bit. I just wanted to let you know that it is very possible! Just make sure that they have the same moral values as you! 


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