my parents think vegitarianism is rediculous and stupis how can i tell them i want to be a vegitarian???

Well, what are your reasons for wanting to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle?  If you have logical and well-thought-out and researched reasons, you can try presenting them to them in a rational manner.  And if that doesn't work, well then you just have to accept that you can't control what they think and to just move on and do what YOU feel is right.  I understand that, as a minor, you are likely constrained in what you can eat (parents are the ones footing the bill, after all), so that might make it more difficult to stick to a diet that conflicts with your parents.  In that event, you have to examine your commitment to your stance.  How strongly do you feel about it?  Can you hold off on living a totally vegetarian lifestyle until you're out of the house?  If you feel too strongly about it to do that, you can try getting a job and paying for your own food.  Maybe the effort you put into maintaining this lifestyle will convince your parents that you're serious and not just being "ridiculous" or following a fad.

Good luck!

I agree with niamhwitch, putting effort into planning a vegitarian lifestyle might help your parents to understand that you are serious. Make sure to include information about health, since many people worry about staying healthy on a vegitarian diet. Another thing you could try is compromising with your parents for a while. You could cook a few vegetarian meals each week to show your parents how healthy and delicious vegetarian food can be. ( has tons of great recipes) Hopefully this will show them that you are serious and that you have a well-thought out plan for what you will eat and how you will get nutrients. (I have been a vegetarian for 3.5 years, and getting enough protein is not as big of an issue as people make it out to be, especially if you eat dairy and/or eggs) Once you start cooking vegetarian meals, it becomes second nature, and you will be able to try lots of new and exciting foods and recipes. Good luck!

I say do whatever makes you feel comfortable and what you think is right.

chicken1:my parents think vegitarianism is rediculous and stupis how can i tell them i want to be a vegitarian??? 

WHOOO! ROCK ON! <3 I love being vegetarian. It's awesome.

Reasons to give:
1) It breaks your HEART that the animals are hurt and slaughtered for you to eat.
2) It makes you feel sick.
3) You live 7 years longer when you're a vegetarian!

CONGRATZ! You won't regret this decision, gurl!!!

Maybe instead of telling them you want to be a vegetarian, you just start leading a vegetarian lifestyle? If they try to get you to eat meat, just refuse - politely, but firmly. Show them that it's not something up for discussion, and is your own choice. Good luck! It ain't easy...


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