Prayer. Getting ready to be on my own

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Hi, I recently decided to move to Dallas, tx. I have a boyfriend that already lives there with his mom. He's not the exact reason why I'm moving, He's honestly an added bonus.

Everything was going so smooth. I was going to transfer my job, and find an apartment and he was going to help me in everyway possible.

I recently went down to dallas because my job set up a "get to know me interview" with the store manager down there. I asked my HR was it going to be a gaurenteed transfer? She said yes. I get down there and it was not. They were full. I was verrryyy upset.

So I quit my job for that reason and a couple of other reasons.

I just got my taxes back. I'm using that to stay in a extended stay hotel for 3 weeks. I'm going to go to a staffing agency to try and get temp work.

I'm terrified, I've never been without money/job. I really need to move.

I just need a prayer that's it. I'm scared. 


Heya hon, it's understandable why you feel so scared but maybe this can be a good oppitunity for you. You know the saying "You never know how strong you are till being strong is the only choice you have".  Also, it gives you time to plan everything .

Anyway, you already have work experiance which is good so don't worry, just have faith that things will work out. :)

Good luck hun x

Thanks. I'm trying to have faith. I'm really excited but scared.

I just don't want to be homeless and have to come back to Michigan.

I don't wanna fail.

But thank you so much.

Hey girl,


So here's what i think you should do. I think you should also pray yourself and not worry much about the situation . Pray more worry less. Remember God has a plan for each and everyone of us and maybe he has something even bigger and better in stored for your life. So i think you should just turn it over to God and leave it in his hands. He will work things out but you have to believe and wait on him because he may not come when you want him but he'll be there on time. I'll keep you in my prayers. Remember you are blessed and highly favored. Also the bible says to speak things into existence and it will surely come to pass. Dont think negative on the situation instead you tell the devil that you will have the victory and that you will get a job no matter what it looks like. Be blessed and i hope i encouraged you.



Thank you. 

I'm trying not to be negative. I keep thinking of all the possiblities and outcomes. I just wanna relax. I have three weeks to find a job. That's it. I'm going to.

I really appreciate your words.

You guys, four and a half years later, everything has worked out. I'm still in Dallas and I'm making it on my own. I appreciate you guys.


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