Agnostic Atheist?
If you're agnostic please read! People with other beliefs are welcome to respond as well.It kind of annoys me when I'm thrown into the "atheist" box. I honestly believe that I am first and foremost an agnostic and for that reason I don't exactly like being called an "agnostic atheist". No, I don't believe in god per se but I don't not believe in god either if that makes sense. When I explain my beliefs to people, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is not "I don't believe in god" because that isn't the focus of my beliefs. It's merely a side effect of them. Being called an agnostic atheist makes it sound like I'm atheist first then agnostic and that's not me at all.For me, in a nutshell, my beliefs are "anything is possible" and "all opinions are valid". Because of this, no, I don't ultimately believe in anything (besides, perhaps, agnosticism). I don't believe that god exists and I don't believe god doesn't exist. I have no opinion on the matter! No, I don't believe in god, but I also don't necessarily find myself philosophically chatting it up with atheists either. I have arguments for them in the same way I have arguments for theists.I guess "by definition" I'm some kind of atheist, but that's not the central focus of my beliefs, you know? I don't look at it that way. I see myself as more so lacking in religion and thus soaking up all different kinds of beliefs. I soak up atheism in the same way I soak up theism. They're all different valid viewpoints in my eyes, but neither can prove a thing to me."Agnostic atheism" just isn't a good representation of me or my beliefs. I just wish there was a really good term out there that would make hardcore atheists leave us alone and respect our decision to not want to be referred to as atheists.I mean is it just me? Thoughts? And are there any atheists out there that respect agnostics as simply agnostics rather than trying to label them as atheists?
So... no one has a comment to add?No disagreements? Nothing?
This is how it works. There is belief and knowledge. Agnosticism and gnosticism deals with knowledge. Theism and atheism deals with belief. You can be an agnostic theist or an agnostic atheist. Or you can be a gnostic theist or gnostic atheist. If you don't believe in god than you are an atheist but if you accept that you can't really know than you are an agnostic atheist. Now for other corrections:No. Not all opinions are not valid. People can hold an opinion that is wrong. Not anything is possible either. If there is no proof for something than the only rational response is to disbelieve until sufficient evidence is presented. I know the whole "you can't prove anything" argument. There something called an unfalsifiable hypothesis. Basically the argument goes "you can't prove god exists." and then the response would be "you can't prove he doesn't exist." That is an irrational response you can "prove" anything exists by saying that no one can prove it doesn't.Now I think you'd be an Apatheist. Basically you don't really have any strong opinion on weather god exists or not. I know that the name itself implies that you don't care, but not having any strong opinion is kind of apathy. You'd be an agnostic apatheist.
=/I completely understand the whole theory behind the agnostic/gnostic and theist/atheist thing (and it really is just that -- a theory, a way of thinking and perceiving things, a subjective means of categorizing people that does not necessarily work for everyone), but just put it like this: if there was a scale from 1 to 7 with 1 being "absolutely no belief in god" and 7 being "absolute belief in god" I'd be a solid 4. I reside in the gray area. So aligning me with either atheist or theist doesn't quite work for me. It actually feels quite uncomfortable for me to be called either. I simply live life as though nothing supernatural exists, but don't actually believe that nothing supernatural exists. But eh I guess I'll settle for "agnostic apatheist" unless a better category is created for me. =/ It comes a tad bit closer to defining my beliefs than "agnostic atheist" does.And I didn't necessarily want you to "correct" me. I see your "corrections" as valid opinions, though, and as such I shall soak them up. =] of curiosity why don't you want to be called an atheist? "I won't tell you how to live your life, so please stay far away from mine." -Motion City Soundtrack "And if I'm flying solo at least I'm flying free. To those who'd try to ground me take a message back from me. Tell them how I am defying gravity.
I always say I am agnostic. Though my personal beliefs lean towards atheism. My boyfriend is an atheist and he thinks people who say they are agnostic are basically to much of a wuss to say they are atheist. Personally I don't think their is a god, an after life or anything spiritual like that. But I say I am agnostic because you can't prove that god is real but you can't technically prove that he is not either. So I think religions and even atheism cause to much fighting. It's like right now we can't technically prove it either or way so why fight about it?I should also probably mention here that I hate religions. I can't stand organized religions, I don't mind when people have personal spiritual beliefs. But I don't like organized religions telling people what to believe in. I feel they are also to much about money and power and it always just leads to superiority and fighting. Also note I am not ignorant when I talk about these things. I have educated myself on all types of religions. I even own a bible and an english translation of the quran. I also want people to know that I don't find my self superior to any life form so don't believe that I'm saying there is something wrong with you for following a religion etc.
First agnosticism refers to knowledge, Atheism refers to belief. If you do no believe in god you are, by definition an atheist. If you don't claim to know there there is no god you are an agnostic. If you believe in a god you are a theist if you claim to know there is a god you are a gnostic. If you don't believe in god and claim to know that there is no god you are a gnostic atheist. and if you claim to believe in god but don't claim to know there is one you are an agnostic theist. Therefor by definition you are a agnostic atheist. Pople who call themselves "agnostic" are generally trying to avoid the stigma of "atheist". If you want to call yourself an agnostic, thats not really a problem, because you feel like you should deal with knowledge not belief. However, you still don't believe in god, so you are still an atheist. I call myself an atheist, but I am also agnostic. Make sense?
Because, like I said, I feel that I fall into the gray area. If you asked me if god existed or not, I couldn't give you an answer whereas an atheist could. Also, i believe that agnostic atheists do exist, but I see this category as more like "I don't believe in god, but I doubt this disbelief I have in god." But I don't have a "disbelief" to even begin making this statement. Perhaps you can understand this better if I tell you that I consider myself to be a "fallibilist" (wikipedia it). At least I think that's the term for it. But anyway, I basically doubt anything and everything, even my own beliefs/knowledge/logic/reality/etc. So by having these beliefs, I'm automatically agnostic. How much grayer can it get than that? lol Calling myself an atheist makes me feel like I subscribe to atheist beliefs, but I don't. I don't believe in god per se, but at the same time I don't actually disbelieve in god. If I called myself an atheist I'd feel like I was selling out on myself, like I joined the in-crowd because everyone said I should.
Although our beliefs aren't actually the same (lol), we give ourselves the same label, and this just makes me all the more willing to do away with labeling. People are constantly trying to fit themselves into one box or another with some being successful and others feeling rather cramped. Not to mention that labels carry certain assumptions with them too. Well, we can either do away with them or learn to accept the way other people label themselves in the way that I accept the way you label yourself (although our beliefs differ). To be honest, though, I think our beliefs are close enough for us to be spiritually in sync, so maybe we're both just different kinds of agnostics (despite what wikipedia, the user-edited encyclopedia, says)? Ah, the vagueness of labels. Forgive me if I don't make any sense. I'm just rambling (or maybe ranting is the word)! If you need me to clarify anything just ask. =]

I agree. I'm agnostic too, but I'm pretty sure I'm not an atheist. I really don't bring it up to other people though, so I don't know what they'd think. All my friends are Christian or Catholic, and most, if not all, go to church, but I don't think they'd snub me for my agnosticism.

I'm agnostic as well. :) and I think it's okay to believe in whatever you believe in. I believe that being agnostic is being hopeful in a higher power, respectful, spiritual with oneself, and engaging and learning from other religions but also their culture as well. Idk I see agnostic as a lifestyle. Does that make sense? hahaha idk  and I'm tired, my point is that I agree with you and you're not the only one who's agnostic ;)

I was an Atheist and thought that was it. Then I discovered being an Atheist, rejecting the old fashioned concept of God, freed me to seek out something spiritual. Now I have moved beyond Atheism into something I might call Religion, but can't describe.


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