what religion were you raised in, if any, and what religion are you currently?

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I was raised in a Methodist household growing up. Now I identify as a Pagan. :) Blessed Be!

I wasn't really raised in a religion. My dad's a Hindu and my mum was raised Catholic but she's not strict about it, I mean she doesn't go to Church nor did she get married in one. They're both half hearted about it, they believe in it but don't fully practise it.

My brother became a Hindu when he was about 10, he gave up eating beef and learnt all about the gods. Nowadays, he says he is agnostic (he's 17, nearly 18 now). 

I'm a Catholic, I think I just developed into a Christian on my own. My mum never pushed me or even told me anything about it. I learnt about different religions at school and the idea of God and Christianity really stuck with me. I guess I chose the Catholic denomonation because of my mum, she's from Ireland which is very split into Catholic vs. Protestants so I feel I should respect my family by choosing their denomonation. However, as my mum is not strict about it I never get the chance to go to Church, but I read Psalms and Biblical stories by myself and pray a lot more than my mum.

I was raised in Christian religion, but now I'm agnostic. I'm baptized and I had the comunion and all the stuff but I'm not Christian.

I was raised as a pagan.

I was raised as a Christian and am still a Christian. Yes, I've made HUGE mistakes, but I know that God loves and forgives. I place emphasis on the Bible and NOT people. Sometimes people in the church will cause you to tun away from Christianity b/c they are too selfish, self righteous, self indulged, or simply ignorant. God is real. His love is real.

I was raised a Christian, baptised and everything. Im bi now, but i still stick to my religion, except for the whole 'homosexuality is a sin' thing of course.

I was raised Christian, then became atheist, then played around in Mormonism. I'm agnostic at the moment. I'm very spiritual and believe something is out there, but I'm not sure what I am when it comes to religion.

My family never had a specific religion but I do believe in God and so does most of my family. There is one person who is agnostic and one is an athiest. I don't think I will ever have a specific religion though and that is okay with me! :)

I was baptized Catholic, my mother is Catholic, I think my father is Anglican but neither of my parents are practicing, they didn't even bother getting my little sister baptized. Within the last year I have become more Catholic, I bought a bible and I have been trying to get my mother to take me to mass.

I was baptized as Catholic, but I was raised Christian and still am.

i was raised without being taught a religion, but after learning about different gods and goddesses from the ancient times, i've become pagan ^^

I was raised into Christianity but I always felt detached from the Christian ways even as a child. I didn't feel for a higher purpose or that the bible was anything more but a book with words that didnt appeal to me. I told my mother of this and she told me that it was just me being  an overthinking kid but the feeling never went away and now that I am older I've been researching into a few religions but Buddhism calls to my soul the most. You may consider me a Buddhist. 

Raised in progressive Christianity, but never bought into it. Atheist freed me from Christianity. Once free from Christianity I discovered I moved on beyond Atheism toward a religous spiritual life. I'm currently a Unitarian, where we celebrate life and it's very meaningful and religous.

I wasn't raised in any religion. I tried to dabble in Christianity as a child, but had too many doubts. Up until recently I spent most of my life as an athiest. After I had akin to a "spiritual experience" recently, I've become intensely spiritual. No gods, no deities. Just mediation, self-reflection, and expanding consciousness. It works for me. :)

i was raised protestant christian and still am at one point i questioned gods existence but then i thought about the beauty of life and how its all too complex and beautiful to be made by accident by an explosion or cells and my connection with god became stronger

Catholic Christian, now atheist.

Parents didn't really raise me to particularly be anything but I did attend christian school (church of christ and catholic) from kindergarten - 9th grade. I am Buddhist and lovin it :3.

Namaste <3

I was rasied Christian I am now a nichiren buddhist.

Everyone in my immediate family is Baptist except for my dad who calls himself half Catholic and half Episcopalian but attends a Baptist church. I however was baptised Episcopalian but attended/attend Catholic school for 11 years so far and just recently in 2013 around April I decided to make the choice to officially become Catholic.

I was raised Christian , but I'm an Atheist now .

poetry_luva@yahoo.com: I was raised in a Christian-Pentecostal church, got baptized last month, and am still a Christian and PROUD! O, and what's a Mormon and how does it differentiate between Christianity? 

Mormons are just another type of Christians however the Catholic church considers them pseudo christians because of their specific beliefs that I'm not qualified to describe to you.

I was raised a Roman Catholic and will always be Catholic.

I was raised Roman Catholic. Now, i'm questioning my spiritual beliefs.

I'm a proud oneness apostolic. We believe in the preaching of Acts 2:38. Acts 2:38 basically says repent,get baptized in Jesus' name,and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost! 

I was raised to be Christian, my parents and family are Christians, but I'm an Atheist.

my mother is christian she tried to raise me the same way, my grandfather was a preacher and she and i were forced to go to church everyday. my father is and athiest and thank "god"  he made me start to question all the contradictions in the bible.  then i was an athiest for a while, and an agnostic, and pagan for  long time. now, i dont stress that stuff. im alive in this life and im living it the most i can. i dont care about any life butt his one.

I was baptized as an infant and taught Catholic beliefs but I've wandered far from my childhood faith. I studied Islam, Judaism, Wicca, and other faiths, but none really called out to me as the one truth. I want a faith where I am free to question and where women have equal say in what goes on. So that narrows me to the polytheistic faiths I think.

I wasn't raised in a religion, though I was baptised in a Catholic church. I grew up around some Pagan stuff like Tarot cards. 
I am a Christian, my parents believe in God but we don't attend church on Sundays. I attend a youth group that I love. My views are different though, such as believing in science (a bit of evolution but I'm still not sure), believing in the 'spirit prison' that Mormons believe and I do like Tarot cards. I'm also very liberal.

Raised as nothing, my parents are agnostic. I tried being a pagan for awhile, but eventually just became agnostic too. My whole family is, though my sister goes to this thing called Sunday Assembly which is sorta like church for nonbelievers but there are believers in different things too.

I really like learning about religions though.

I was raised as a Christian and still continuing the strong faith in Jesus Christ my Savior. :')

I was raised Russian Orthodox Christian by a R. Orthodox Christian dad and an Old Believer/Starovery mom. I have gone through a number of spiritual changes including agnosticism and atheism. I have since found Norse heathenism and Rodnovery with traditional Siberian and Mongolian influences (all due to my heritage). I still have an immense respect for the Christian faith and take a scholarly interest in Shinto, Finnish paganism, Baltic paganism and Buddhism. I have seen so many instances of a divine force in Christianity, heathenism, Rodnovery and other faiths. It's really an amazing thing.

My parents are mixed, my mom is agnostic and my dad used to believe in god but 7 or 8 years back, bacame and Atheist. I as well am an Athiest. When i was young though i was encouraged to go to many different religeous atmospheres. I went to the kingdom hall with my cousins, sunday school with my friends, a baptist youth group, and many others. My parents wanted me to choose and i have:)

Okay... Hey. An update a year later
I believe in God, though I don't know how much. I sometimes pray. I stopped attending the youth group.?


I was raised Catholic but now I'm athiest

I'm not the most religious person but I was raised as a Christian and I think I still am lol

I was raised in a family that ignored religion as an f***-you to my mother's parents (VeggieTales was my religious upbringing), but now attend a Baptist church and consider myself Christian (I live on my own now).?

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