what religion were you raised in, if any, and what religion are you currently?

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I was raised in a non-denominational church, so I was Christian raised. I personally believe in God, and I'm specifically a Mormon.

I was raised Christian, baptized and everything.. Now I'm just not religious at all... I don't believe in God...

I was raised methodist, never really had an interest in religion. I'm atheist now.

I wasn't really raised IN a religion, but I began Christian. I don't really have a religion now.

yeah I don't know I was raised Christian and still consider myself a Christian but I don't have a specific denomination I attend a non-demoninational church at the moment and it is awesome mostly talks about how becoming a Christian is not really about the religion itself but it is more about developing your own personal relationship with him 

I was raised in a non religious family, and i still dont believe in anything. :smileyhappy:

Well, I wasn't really raised in a religion/church. My mom doesn't go to church but believes in God and Christian beliefs. My Dad was raised as a Christian-Pentacostal and recently returned. When I was younger, they normally sent me to church with my grandma who went every Sunday unless sick or had things to do that really denied her able to go. She's Christian--Pentacostal.


I do, however, go to church from time to time with my gram and sometimes my aunt who is Christian--Baptist, and consider myself a Christian without a denomination because I don't have full understanding of denominations. I was baptized at seven, though, and am still strengtening my relationship with God :)

i was raised Protestant by my mother, my father was for a long time of no religion. i believe he is now Buddhist. i dont believe in god, and honestly i never did. im leaning more towards Buddhism and Taoism the more i hear, so i guess i am slightly religious.

I was raised Jehovah's Witness.  I'm now a Pagan.

I was forced into the Catholic church...I tried everything to get out but my grandparents wanted it for me. My dad's an athiest and I don't know what my mom is honestly. I was athiest for the majority of my life and now I'm a Christian at a Protestant Church :)

I was raised Muslim and always will be

Most of the people in my family are Jehovah's Witnesses or they have studied with Jehovah's Witnesses. I've been a  Jehovah's Witness for 1 year but studied for 11, i've always believed in God. I'll never change over.

I wasn't raised with my birth parents...but many other families...and I've been around many different religions but never had to stick to one..i never really believed in their ways or beliefs...it never stuck..but then after a while i was raised by someone in my family and though she was christian..she never pushed her ways on me. My mom is a christian, and my dad is a Jew...Everyone in my family are different religions.one of my brothers is a muslim...and my aunt is a jehovah witness...my family is all over the place lol...I am a Wiccan. I finally found a religion that I believe in and makes since to me and relates to my beliefs.....Found it like 5-6 years ago...I love it >.<

I was raised in a Christian-Pentecostal church, got baptized last month, and am still a Christian and PROUD! O, and what's a Mormon and how does it differentiate between Christianity?

I was raised partially as a non-denomination Christian and partially Athiest. I am now a Neo-Pagan who happens to be heavily in Islam and Buddhism. Blessed Be! )O(

I wasn't raised in a religion. My mother was raised Catholic by a Catholic father and Jewish mother and my father's family was not religious. They decided that they would let me decide my beliefs for myself. I attended church sometimes with my mother and step-father.


Currently, I don't have a religion. I'm still figuring out where my beliefs fit best. I am spiritual, though.

When I wasreally little we didn't talk about religion at all. When my parents split, it was more about religion. My mums a Christian, my dad's some sort of old pagan religion. I follow my dad, I'd prefer not to be born as a bad person, to have a goddess who changes,  and to celebrate all life. Dunno what I am "specifically". I was raised to know about both. 

I was raised in the Jehovah's Witness community, but I was baptized catholic. Now, to be completely honest, religion and God are the last things on my mind. I could honestly care less.


I was raised christian, now wiccan



~~~I <3 Artemis~~

I was raised going to a bunch of different churches, but the ones we went to for the longest were Methodist and Southern Baptist. Now, I consider myself Universalist Unitarian, although I don't attend service or anything.


I was raised without religion.

I now identify as a Buddhist.

Cool :smileyhappy: I'm curious: What's the difference between Mormonism and Christianity?

Why not?

That's so true!


I am a Christian. I am being raised Christian and my parents are Christian.

I was raised Methodist and later Baptist, and am now Asatru (a kind of Norse paganism). To make thinks even more complicated, these days my mom's an atheist, my stepdad is Southern Baptist, and my dad's Buddhist. The rest of my family is either Roman Catholic or agnostic...yeah...

I was raised Mormon, but I'm atheist now.

Was there something that happened in your life that caused you to be an atheist?

Not really. I just started to doubt the beliefs that I'd been raised in, and so I began thinking about religion a lot. Then I started looking into other religions, and I just began to accept the possibilty that there may not be a higher power.

Narrated Abu Huraira : Allah's Messenger (May God's Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him) said, "Every child is born with a true faith of Islam (i.e. to worship none but One God, Allah Alone) but his parents convert him to Judaism, Christianity or Magainism, as an animal delivers a perfect baby animal. Do you find it mutilated?" Then Abu Huraira recited the holy verses: "The pure Allah's Islamic nature (true faith of Islam) (i.e. worshipping none but Allah) with which He has created human beings. No change let there be in the religion of Allah (i.e. joining none in worship with Allah). That is the straight religion (Islam) but most of men know, not." (30.30) [Sahih al-Bukhari]

What's paganism?

I was raised in the LDS (Mormon) church, but my parents became inactive and stopped going when I was about 6 or so. Other than when I visited my grandparents during the summer, I didn't go to church. One of my school friends when I was 14 realized I was on her Sunday school roll (attendance) and invited me to go and I have never stopped. 


I am a Mormon.  :smileyvery-happy:


To the girl who asked about the difference between Mormons and Christians: it depends. 


I consider a Christian, as it pertains to statistical data, to be any person who believes in God and Jesus Christ (as the savior). So any religious body that is based on the teachings of Jesus. Christians include: Roman Catholics, Greek Orthodox, Jehovah Witnesses, Protestants, Mormons (LDS), etc.


However, there is also a division of Protestants that consider themselves "Christians". Just to confuse things a bit.


So Mormons are Christians, as they believe in Jesus Christ, our savior. Although, Mormons aren't "Christians", because they have some differing practices. 



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