Post election rise in hate crimes disturbing...

I honestly don't think the hate crimes have changed at all, there were a lot before the elections too.

baltimore, fergison, and so many others. ? the worst part about 1/2 of the "hate" crimes is the people that are claiming injustice are going out breaking laws and destroying people's property. ?

I honestly don't care what color your skin is, what religion you practice, what your sexual preference is as long as you don't try to blame me for being a straight white christian... so in essense I have problems with people on an individual basis not a race/religion type basis

Please keep in mind that a very large portion of what appear to be "hate crimes" at first blush end up not actually being hate crimes. Many times they are completely fictional. It happens so much that there's an online database of faked hate crimes. But the media never updates their stories to reflect a fake and so it often seems like there's many more hate crimes than there actually are.

And yes, the media is about 98% liberal / left wing and so they are of course, focusing far far far far more on [supposed] hate crimes now than they did for Obama because they are desperate to make the current Administration look as bad as possible by any means necessary.?



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