Trump and Clinton

I'm sick of hearing about Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton deabting. Is there anyway I can tell my fellow social media friends to shut up nicely?

Nope. You'll just have to either deal with it or just avoid social media for the next day or two. They have every right to talk about it. If you can see who's talking about it the most, you could unfollow them for the next night or two, or if you are able to blacklist certain keywords so they don't show up on your feed depending what social media you're on.

It is so horrible and it is the first election I can vote in, I think I hate him more but I hate her too. I don't know if I will vote and if I do, I might vote for a third party. But I might also vote for her just to stop him. It is the worst and my friends won't shut up about it!! Grr (sorry to sound so mad, I don't normally say I hate anybody but this is a special case)


Oh honey, we feel you. It's alright to hate these two, they've both done despicable things. And like, I understand that people want those who hate him to vote for Clinton and not Johnson because it would split the votes, I just don't believe in demonizing the people who do vote third party because they don't want to be part of either of them being voted into office. The is such a messed up election, I just want to close my eyes and wake up in 2020.


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