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Hi everyone,I'm doing a report on the different criminal laws. I had googled on this, and found this interesting topic, rape shield law. I have never heard about such a law. I did more research and found that it is a Canadian law, ?which prohibits the defendant's attempt to bring up the evidence related to the victim's past sexual life. This law has been made to protect the rights of women in cases of sexual assault. I feel, this law is something that should be implemented by all states, because it is important to protect the rights of women. I got more info from this blog that I read. http://www.defencegroup.ca/blog/in-the-news/what-is-a-rape-shield-law/ . I wanted to know your inputs on this. Does anyone know more about this ? And also, any other such interesting law ? ?

Hell yeah that law needs to be enforced. Especially in the states, because judges apparently don't give a shit about victims here.?


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