Is Melania Trump a Mail Order Bride?

Melania? Knavs, was born in 1970? in Yugoslavia, now know as Slovenia.? ?Knavs? studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She then worked as a model for fashion houses in Milan and Paris before relocating to New York City in 1996.

After moving to New York City , Knavs supposedly met Donald Trump at a Fashion Week party in New York City in September 1998. Their relationship gained attention after a 1999 interview on The Howard Stern Show, and additional publicity after the 2004 launch of Trump's successful business-oriented reality television show, The Apprentice. Donald Trump described their long courtship in 2005: "We literally have never had an argument, forget about the word 'fight' . We just are very compatible. We get along."
After becoming engaged in 2004, Donald Trump and Melania Knavs were married on January 22, 2005, at The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida, followed by a reception in the 17,000-sq.-ft ballroom at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

Trump has always stated he met his wife? Melania? at a fashion week party in 1998.? ?But Anna Novak a matchmaker who operated an office in Slovenia for several "Mail Order Bride" companies,? ?including a company called? A Foreign Affair,? says she received a call sometime around 1995? from the head office to help arrange a call between a female member Melanija, and A VIP? client she only knew as Donald.? ?Shortly after the call, Melania? asked to be removed as a member and to have her profile completely removed from the websites.

If this was truly "The Donald" and the "Melania" then why the secrecy? Trump was married at the time, even when they met each at the Fashion Week party.? It is not a secret that Trump has had a long history of infidelity,? When married? to? his first wife, Czech model Ivana Zeln? Kov?, he had an affair with actress Marla Maples, In 1992? Ivana's and Donald's divorce was finalized, shortly thereafter Donald sued Ivana for $25 million, alleging she was not honoring a gag clause in their divorce agreement by disclosing facts about him.? ? Maples and Donald were? married? the following year after his first divorce on December 20, 1993.? The couple's divorce finalized in June 1999,? nearly one year after the Fashion Week party where supposedly Donald met Melania for the first time.

A spoke's person for? A Foreign Affair' in Phoenix AZ,? says. "We have a strict confidentiality policy so we can not make any comments about? any member or client."? ?They did admit they do help many rich and or famous clients find love overseas.

Article by:? Lawrence Mcdonald

Donald Trumps an idioit and does the opposite of what he says don't vote for him for president.

I don't like Donald Trump and I don't know their whole history like if she did anything sneaky to get with him, but from what I see of her I like her. The ONLY thing about this election I am happy about is her as first lady :)

Does it really matter one way or the other? So they met on the internet, and? More and more couples are. I know a number of happily married couples who met on dating websites. 'Mail Order Bride' is such an outdated, nasty term. It's not like you look at a catalogue and then send your credit card details to the agency and they send out a woman and you're immediately married. The women go to numerous 'meet ups' and on many dates and may even spend weeks or months living with a man before they make their final decision on whether to get married or not, and they are free to divorce and leave if they want to and many do. It's really not that different than a regular dating website except you would probably look for someone in your area and 'mail order brides' are simply looking for someone from a different country. :-/?

Yeah I think it is hard enough to find somebody you love so however you manage it I think is great!

As for Melania, she is classy, I wish I had her wardrobe (though it wouldn't look as good on me) she's really gorgeous. I am dreading what her husband might do but I'm looking forward to seeing her style as she does first lady stuff. Also Barron is cute.

And I'm torn now, Gigi Hadad (who I also like a lot) made fun of her, it wasn't that bad, but idk it seemed mean and unnecessary. They are both so beautiful (obviously Gigi is younger) and I want to love them both so this conflict is annoying :)


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