Genuine question? About feminazis per say.

Alright so I have a genuine question, I hope nobody got offended by the title, I just want genuine responses. Obviously, I'm not speaking of feminists who by definition are for equality of the sexes but am speaking of feminazis who are quite the opposite seem to be anti-men and police a lot of things that aren't worth talking about and that distract from real issues. I genuinely think that these are the kind of people that turn people away from feminism because they don't represent feminism in a positive way.

Anyway, I've encountered some people who I could say fit this description and I can say that some simple discussions turn into the person getting mad and when you try to explain your viewpoint they get mad and won't want to hear it unless it's in support of their stance. Ex. My friend Iwere having a convo and she is telling me about a girl she says doesn't like me and somewhere in it she starts telling me that this girl's ex bf was possesive so, I say "Wow really?. Well then it's good she got away from him then." (sincere comment) and suddenly all I hear is "wow it's nice to know she needs your approval." from one of my friend's friends ( Both my friend and I were visiting another's house for the 4th).

Back to my point, why is it that everything seems to set a feminazi off? based off my encounters, they always seem ready to argue especially about non-issues. Why are they like this?

Victim complex.

As soon as you percieve yourself as a victim, especially for something you didn't choose (such as your sex/race/etc), you tend to perceive "injustice", inequality and discrimination everywhere,?or look for any excuse to get angry.?Feminism by it's nature -- declaring that women are unequal everywhere in the entire world and that simply by being born a woman you're automatically and forever at a disadvantage/a victim of the patriarchy -- breeds this attitude and 'feminazis' are simply the feminists that have bought into that. Feminazi are basically just the 'fundamentalist' (extreme) end of feminism.


Hmm that's an interesting ?food for thought and I guess explains why they're like that.?

So, one Feminazi is an offensive term. Literal actual?Nazis killed people and you're comparing them to people who say things you don't like. If anything, that's your "victim complex". Secondly, there's not enough context for me to understand why your friend's friend got mad but the wording of this post lets me know that you may have trouble communicating with people. Have you ever considered that the problem is you?


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