How do you feel/act during a debate? Survey.

Alright so it's no secret that disscussion of hot button topics can get heated. ?Discussions/debates are meant to bring about different pov's where a person listens to the other side and tries to get them to see their view point. But, very often a debate can go sideways and things can happen like one person taking over the debate and not allowing someone to get a word in, someone disagreeing with a person's views going and insulting them,etc.?

So I wanted to create a survey asking about how people feel/act in a debate/discussion because I hadn't seen it on gurl before so I thought it would be interesting. I based questions over behaviors I've witnessed in discussions.?

1) How do you bring up your view point in a discussion/debate?
2) How do you respond when a person brings up opposing views in a discussion or debate?
3) Do you actively listen or just wait for your turn to speak?
4) Do you talk over others?
5) How do you behave/feel when the discussion is getting heated?
6)Have you ever walked away from a debate/discussion disliking the person with opposing views?
7) Has a debate/discussion ever deterred you from having a discussion with people who hold opposing views from your own?
8) How do you settle difference in opinion in debates?
9) Have you ever been personally attacked during a debate? conversely, have you ever done so?
10) Have you ever walked away from a debate/discussion thinking differently about the opposing pov?


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